15 great hotels in Palm Springs (2023)

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (1)

Whether you want to relax by the pool or party the night away, these Palm Springs hotels have it all


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Hotels in Palm Springs have grown in popularity over the past decade. Now you can find something to suit every style, from cosy, rustic places to low-key boutique accommodations. You want to book a luxurious 5-star villa with all possible amenitiesPluspalantRestaurant? Palm Springs has plenty of that too.

One thing that hasn't changed is the charming aesthetic and subtle vibe of "desert modernism." You might as well see a group of European retirees touring the famous architecture and design centerHollywoodA-lister lounging by the pool. Speaking of pools, every hotel on our list has one — after all, a Palm Springs hotel without a pool is like a dirty martini without an olive. Spending time by the pool is practically a necessitywhat to do in palm springsfor travelers in this captivating city.

Whether you're headed to Coachella or just looking for a fun getaway, browse the options below and don't forget to pack your shorts and sunscreen - it's going to be hot. Regardless of when you decide to visit, read our tips for the best hotels in Palm Springs.

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The best hotels in Palm Springs

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (3)

1.Pensjonat Korakia

This is the perfect romantic resort. With its lush Mediterranean and Moroccan atmosphere, you don't even feel like you're in Palm Springs. The first thing you see is Korakia's signature keyhole-shaped entrance. The large courtyard features citrus blossoms, olive trees, oleander bushes, date palms, bougainvillea vines, beautiful Moroccan fountains and a stone waterfall. A favorite haunt of actors, writers, producers and photographers, it has been named one of America's Sexiest Hotels. The villas were built in the 1920s and 1930s, later they were modernized. However, in every room you will find antiques and handmade furniture. Oh and there are also two heated pools, what doesn't this hotel have?

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (4)

2.Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

Stay in the heart of the action at the modern Rowan Hotel, which opened in 2017. Located in a prime downtown location, you can walk to the best restaurants, bars and shops in an instant. The views of the nearby mountains from the rooftop pool are unbeatable and you won't scoff at the water mist to cool off in the desert sun - the adjoining bar tops it all off with summer party music and plenty of seating for lounging. Don't miss the daily happy hour in the lobby with free beer and wine. Then you can visit the rooftop 4 Saints Restaurant, which offers modern American cuisine and 270-degree views of downtown and the San Jacinto Mountains. Pet owners will be happy to know that their furries are not only welcome at the mountain ash, but welcomed with open arms and full water bowls.

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15 great hotels in Palm Springs (5)

3.Nurkuj in Palm Springs

Dive Palm Springs is the modern getaway we all need in life. It offers 4-star suite accommodation - such as the Orchard Suite with Jacuzzi - and views of the gardens from several sun terraces. The swimming pool is the perfect place to sunbathe before heading to the nearby restaurants, cafes and bars where you can eat to your heart's content. From the bottom to the top.

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (6)

4.Ace Hotel and swimming club

Housed in a former Motel 6, the Palm Springs Ace Hotel is a party spot for trendy young travelers heading to the desert. They have every amenity, from a photo booth and retro macrame in the lobby to gramophones and vintage magazines in the rooms. There are also elegant robes and ornate walking sticks for guests to use during their stay, meaning that as the day progresses, more and more guests end up looking like members of a hooded hippie cult and walking sticks. And it's a bit of a cult - visitors here are die-hard supporters, wanting to see and be seen by the pool, on cruiser bikes or at the good (but slightly overpriced) King's Highway restaurant (which used to be) . being a 24-hour Denny's). The hotel offers day passes for $20 ($30 on weekends) for use of the pool, which also allows non-guests access to the stage: there are regular events and live music on the property. Ace is almost so trendy it's a caricature in itself - if you want to party all night with trendy 20-year-olds, this is your place, but the more sophisticated (or laid-back) traveler might look elsewhere. Unless you want to live your youth? Come on, you only live once.


15 great hotels in Palm Springs (7)

5.Sparrow hideout

Come to Sparrows Lodge and experience a true digital detox. There are no phones or TVs in any of the rooms, so you can really cut yourself off from the rest of the world. When you're tired of being indoors, head to the pool, where there's a hot tuband comfortable lounge chairs for complete relaxation. One of theHighlights include the community's beautiful barn, restored to its 1952 structureIn love with a witchElizabeth Montgomery was reportedly married. It functions as a bar, restaurant and general meeting place!

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (8)

6.Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa

Guests will love sitting and lingering on the Miramonte's charming terrace, surrounded by an olive grove, just off the main lobby, which features fire pits and a bocce court with views of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Guests are encouraged to walk around this Mediterranean-style property and pick their own citrus fruits, which is highly recommended. Theovergrown with bougainvilleaThe resort offers three swimming pools - including a saltwater pool - a citrus and vegetable garden and more than 200 rooms, suites and villas. Miramonte underwent a major renovation last year, adding fun activities like yoga classes, live music on weekends, and e-bike rentals. Don't miss a visit to the WELL Spa for a day of relaxation with a seasonal treatment such as the Precious Gemstone facial and induction timethen in the steam room. The on-site Citrus & Palm restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes such as whitebait saltimbocca, vegetable tagine and lamb lollipops, along with grilled halloumi cheese and a variety of dips such as hummus and baba ghanoush.Opa!


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15 great hotels in Palm Springs (9)

7.La Quinta-resort in -club

You may know this historical gem from the reality showThat bachelorette(Clearlyseason of Crawley) recorded during quarantine. The enormous estate covers 45 hectares and has no fewer than 41 swimming pools. It has a mix of rooms and villasGaze at the Santa Rosa Mountains, surrounded by palm trees and colorful flowers. As the longest running resort in the Palm Springs area, La Quinta underwent a major renovation project in 2014. Today, the large Hilton Curio grounds include a golf and tennis court, a spa and fitness center, and several restaurants. Twenty6 is a great breakfast option, especially if you like Eggs Benedict or Huevos Rancheros.

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (10)


At Casa Cody you can stay two blocks from Main Street in downtown Palm Springs and still feel like you are away from the hustle and bustle. This historic, charming property is the oldest hotel in Palm Springs and was founded in the 1920s by Harriet Cody, Buffalo Bill's cousin. Thanks to high hedges and security gates, you will find peace and space here. All rooms are well-appointed with Southwestern décor and modern amenities, and the property is replete with a variety of citrus trees. A light, complimentary breakfast of croissants, scones and gourmet cereals is served daily at the hotel, along with evening tea by the pool.


15 great hotels in Palm Springs (11)

9.Hilton Palm Springs

When it comes to hotels, the Hilton group knows exactly what they are doing. Who could have guessed? There's a real Palm Springs vibe here - right in the middle of the action, with the San Jacinto Mountains as a backdrop and some of the best restaurants and cafes around. What if you want to explore a bit? Just hop on the Hilton Palm Springs shuttle bus and go explore. If you're staying at a hotel (why not?), the pool area is very basic with a large pool and plenty of space to relax in the Palm Springs sun. There is also a very good spa on site as well as some good places to eat and drink and the service is as good as you would expect. Strongly recommended.

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (12)


If you're looking for something a little more intimate for your stay in Palm Springs, this hotel is definitely one of our top picks. This is a small but perfectly designed little oasis in the heart of downtown Palm Springs with the best service of any hotel we've visited here. Complimentary bicycles, a gorgeous outdoor pool, immaculately comfortable hammocks, and super cute breakfast boxes demonstrate the commitment to hospitality that can be felt at this hotel, each beautifully complementing the view of Mount San Jacinto just a few miles away.


15 great hotels in Palm Springs (13)

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11.Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs

Parrot heads rejoice! The Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs is a 40-acre property just a few miles from downtown. The hotel's size means it can accommodate large parties - and weddings - without feeling crowded, and it makes the most of its vast space by offering not one pool, but two. The hotel lobby features the iconic "blown flap" in the form of a huge sculpture, as well as the iconic margarita glass chandelier. An upbeat playlist is blasted throughout the room, thankfully (for a change) featuring a mix of hits not reserved just for Buffett. The facility is pet-friendly (there are even designated sanctuaries), while people can take care of the on-site restaurant, fitness center, spa, and fire pits (there's even a store that sells mega branded dog supplies). fans). But chances are you'll be parked next to the poolside 5 o'Clock Somewhere Bar for most of your visit, sipping frozen daiquiris and yes, margaritas too.

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (14)

12.Hotel Colony Palms

Driving to Palm Springs always leaves us with a sleepy, carefree daze - and this intimate location only adds to the city's glamor. Originally built by mobster Al Wertheimer in the 1930s (the pantry had a secret door that led to the brothel), the hotel has come a long way in its nearly 90-year history. Today, the rooms are plush but not over the top, and the lush greenery makes you feel like you're in a rustic Spanish hacienda (even if the town's main street is only a block away). At weekends, the shaded pool is lively but never overwhelming, and the Purple Palm restaurant on the ground floor is a stylish place to dine after a day in a bikini. We believe you will enjoy yourself here. Terribly.


15 great hotels in Palm Springs (15)

13.Die Saguaro Palm Springs

Saguaro is a lot less tacky than it sounds. Light color block facade and blue bedrooms with basswood furniture (yes, we said that).Calcium) and purple carpets may sound like every designer's worst nightmare, but this place somehow makes it happen. The hotel is huge but the amenities are plentiful, the staff are friendly and the spa and pool are especially nice (although there is quite loud pool music). The food is nothing special, but there are plenty of othersRestaurants in Palm Springsin town to please you. If you're here on a weekend, it might feel a bit like the Jersey Shore, with lots of bachelorette parties and drunken buddies, but this place is set up so you can largely avoid anyone you don't want - or for that matter.to belong.

15 great hotels in Palm Springs (16)


The first thing you notice when you check in at L'Horizon is the tranquilityCalmThis is. With 25 thoughtfully appointed bungalows and a beautiful outdoor spa, the property presents itself as Palm Springs' only luxury boutique hotel. And in a way you have to believe them. The design is fresh: private outdoor showers and copper-domed fireplaces create a homey feel, while floor-to-ceiling windows flood each room with light. Steve Hermann, an accomplished Hollywood designer, oversaw the project, which explains the subtle "CEO-meets-Desert-Maharaja" vibe. Another highlight is the infinity pool with unobstructed views of the San Jacinto Mountains and the vast blue sky of California.


15 great hotels in Palm Springs (17)

15.Hotel California

Sometimes all you need is a place to stay without the crowds, and Hotel California does a great job with that. What it lacks in designer amenities it makes up for in homely, unpretentious charm. Don't feel like going out for dinner? There is a fully equipped kitchen with all the utensils needed to make a date smoothie or an omelette (there are also two grills outside - a poolside grill, grilled anyone?). Since there are only 14 rooms (plus a two-story townhouse with a private balcony), foot traffic is minimal in the lush courtyard, which is framed by towering banana palms and accompanied by a bubbling fountain. The same goes for the guest lounge, which serves coffee and fresh fruit throughout the day.

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    What is the nicest part of Palm Springs? ›

    Downtown Palm Springs CA is the nicest part of Palm Springs. Palm Springs Canyon Drive is dotted on either side by giant palm trees, a true postcard perspective of the city. Most of the hotels, restaurants, shopping, and bars are found in this convenient downtown area.

    What happened to the Desert Inn in Palm Springs? ›

    After Coffman's death in 1950, her sons sold the Desert Inn to Marion Davies, but the resort suffered from her absence. It was demolished in 1966 and replaced with the Desert Fashion Plaza, which was in turn razed in 2012.

    Why do people go to Palm Springs? ›

    The Palm Springs Indian Canyon is one of the most popular areas to hike due to the beauty of the terrain. The lush Palm Canyon is full of native plants, and you can stop by the Trading Post for sundries and to see Native American artifacts. Tahquitz Canyon is beautiful, too, and it features a 60ft (18m) waterfall.

    How big is the Parker Palm Springs? ›

    About. Thirteen lushly planted acres in a desert climate is probably the most defining and remembered quality of one's stay here at this luxury resort.

    Where do the Kardashians stay in Palm Springs? ›

    The Madison Club, a gated community, also includes a country club, sports facility, tennis courts, fine dining and round-the-clock security. The property is adjacent to her mother Jenner's home, in addition to a two-acre vacant plot owned by her sister Kim Kardashian.

    Where do celebrities hangout in Palm Springs? ›

    The swanky Parker Palm Springs hotel is often a go-to spot for celebs when they come to the desert.

    What hotel did the Kardashians stay in Palm Springs? ›

    Kris Jenner's Palm Springs abode is located in La Quinta, California, within the confines of the Madison Club, a high-end golf resort.

    What hotel replaced the Desert Inn? ›

    Today, the Wynn and Encore are where the Desert Inn once stood. The original performance venue at the Desert Inn was the Painted Desert Room, later the Crystal Room, which opened in 1950 with 450 seats.

    What hotel did Saved by the Bell film at in Palm Springs? ›

    "Saved by the Bell"'s fictitious Bayside High (meant to exist in Pacific Palisades) would be an approximately 2.5-hour drive to Palm Desert, CA (Palm Springs adjacent), where the episodes were filmed on location at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort.

    What part of Palm Springs is most walkable? ›

    Downtown Palm Springs is walkable, bikeable, and the best area to stay for first time visitors.

    Is Indian Wells more expensive than Palm Springs? ›

    But more mid-to-east valley, about 30 minutes from Palm Springs, is Indian Wells, which has the area's priciest residential real estate as ranked by median listing price, according to Realtor.com.

    Where is the main part of Palm Springs? ›

    All of the spots on this list can be found on Palm Canyon Drive, the main strip in Palm Springs.


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