Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (2023)


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    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (1)

    Those ones:@librosconbuzzi

    You made it, you're finally doneA plate of thorns and roses.Or known as ACOTAR over thereBookTok. And when I say finished, I don't mean just a book. I'm talking about the whole series, because each one is true.DIMENSIONSFan knows the actionIn realityIt starts when you start booking two.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (2)


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    If you've only read the first book and haven't read the rest of the series, my first piece of advice is to read the rest. You've probably heard this tip before if you're a reader who's spent time on TikTok, Instagram, and yes, even Tumblr. But if not, heed my warning and finish the rest of the series before reading any further. Because spoilers will follow after this point, and I promise you won't want to miss out on all the juicy ACOTAR goodness that our Ms. Sarah J. Maas has to offer.

    Well, if you've read the series, congratulations, you officially know what a book hangover feels like. This feeling of reading a book or series is so good that it will take you a while to recover and absorb something else. After finishing ACOTAR, I went down a Tumblr and TikTok rabbit hole of fan art and theories for weeks, all while pretending I had fallen in love with more than three fictional men with bat wings.

    But eventually you'll get over the book hangover and look for something new, perhaps something that has morally gray male leads who are devilishly handsome, an inner circle of friends who feel like family, and female leads who change the world. While I'm going to make this official request of mine to Sarah J. Maas, please, for God's sake, give us book six... those other ones.fantasy bookscan help us until we finally know who Azriel's partner is. Sigh.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (3)

    Stechpalme Schwarz

    The People of the Air series

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with a wicked man with a dick, but here we are. started withthe cruel prince, which has undoubtedly appeared several times on BookTok, the series' protagonist, June, is forced to live in the High Court of Faerie, where she meets Prince Carden, the king's youngest son, who is particularly evil and cruel. . When disaster strikes, Jude forms a particularly insidious alliance to protect those she loves, giving her a secret power that will help her control the new king.the people of the airis a three-volume series with additional novels and short stories.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (4)

    Melissa Blair

    (Video) Reading the ACOTAR series in one week…

    saga halfling

    If you're a particular fan of spies in fantasy realms, like our beloved Inej insix ravens-Thensaga halflingshould be your next read. Start witha broken blade, this series follows a half-elven assassin who enters a magical world where she must determine whether her enemy is mortal, elf, or halfling like herself. It's a fast-paced high fantasy series that does have some romance. The saga continues with book two,a crown of shadows, it could be.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (5)

    Carissa Broadbent

    Crown of Nyaxia-Series

    If you're looking for some fantasy action that also involves vampires, this is the series for you. Death, war, mysterious rivalries and a heartbreaking forbidden romance will have you screaming in the first book,The serpent and the wings of the night, and looking forward to the next set of books, slated for late April,The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (6)

    white dwarf

    Die Nightshade Crown-Série

    Be warned: there is only one book in this series; so if you're someone who needs to jump into a series all at once, proceed with caution. Although I looked at the rave reviews for the first book,king thimble, is already on GoodReads, it might be worth reading in the future. This series begins with a young woman on the run who discovers that her secret powers could change the fate of the kingdom as we know it (Sunmancer vibe, anyone?). In the king's glamorous world, Lore must contend with politics, religion and the debauchery of the royal court, with a forbidden little romance that will have you turning page after page.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (7)

    (Video) here's the entire plot of ACOWAR (acotar finale) so you dont have to read 700 pages of sjm smut

    Sarah J Maas

    throne of glass series

    Well, if you're a fan of Sarah J. Maas and don't mind being completely devastated by another series of hers, then you should guide your next adventure through her seven books.glass throneSeries. Although the world of this series does not correspond to Prythian, the world in which ACOTAR takes place, some online fans of Sarah J. Maas believe that all these worlds are somehow connected and may come together in future ACOTAR books.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (8)

    Sarah J Maas

    Crescent City-Reihe

    Speaking of connecting worlds, the latest series from Sarah J. Maasgrowing cityit is an integral part of the ACOTAR world and certainly must be connected. The main character, half Fae and half human Bryce Quinlan, seeks revenge on a demon that destroyed his friends and forms an alliance with fallen angel Hunt Athalar. As the two investigate Crescent City, they uncover the truths of a terrifying dark force... and of course, what's a Sarah J. Maas book without passionate love?

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (9)

    Clipe CC

    Reihe An heir arises

    With many twists and turns and a whole series to understand,an heir risestakes you back to a mystical fairy world with an orphaned protagonist fighting for her life and finally discovering that she hides a dark secret that could save them all. Sound familiar? Packed with all the fantasy tropes we love, this series already has five of the seven books ready for you to devour.

    Buy now

    (Video) I Finally Read... ACOTAR and I Have Thoughts

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (10)

    Jenna Wolfhart

    The King of Mist Series

    A protagonist forced to marry a villainous fairy king and leave her family behind? Say less! This series, starting withOf mist and shadows, follows the story of a human girl who is forced to live with an immortal fairy, but soon escapes and encounters the elusive Mist King, known as an enemy for what he has done to his people. But of course, to free their people, they must come to terms with each other and try not to fall in love in the process. Big swoon.

    Did you finally read ACOTAR and want more? This is what you should read next (11)

    Jennifer L. Armentrout

    Da série Blood and Ash

    If Sarah J. Maas recommends this series herself, then you know it's about to disappear. Outside ofblood and ashesis a five-book series that features a very strong female protagonist, evil queens, dark and sinister forces, and, of course, heartwarming love scenes. And of course, just like the shared worlds that intersect in Sarah J. Maas's books, the author has a new one.flesh and fireSeries you can jump right into, all set in the same world.

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