Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (2023)

Values ​​of coins moving with precious metals: Updated on 03/13/2023: Gold 1878 $ | Silver $20.74

Mercury Dime values ​​start at $1.52 each. With silver priced at $20.74 an ounce, everyone has that minimum value.

Important data, mint marks and the condition of your coin are determined step by step. The Mercury Series coins were minted between 1916 and 1945, with many of the early years being premium coins today.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (1)

Steps leading to value:

  • Step 1: Dates and Mintmarks -Mercury coins are collected and graded by date and mint mark, identifying them accurately.
  • Step 2: Classification Condition -All coins are "classified" according to their condition. Images, videos and descriptions are used to compare your coin.
  • Step 3: Special Features -Sort average collectible quality coins to unlock their full potential.

The graphic below clearly shows the range of values. From $1.52 to hundreds depending on date, mint mark and condition.

Mercury Cent Values
1916 bis 1945
currency state
Mercury Cent Values13.03.2023
1916$ 1,83$ 3,7411 $$29
1916 D722 $$2.190CruCru
1916 S$ 1,83$ 9$2152 $
1917$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,74$24
1917 D$ 2,1613 $40 $149 $
1917 S$ 1,52$ 2,16$ 1472 $
1918$ 1,52$ 2,8230 $115 $
1918 D$ 1,52$ 2,8230 $121 $
1918 S$ 1,52$ 2,16$24143 $
1919$ 1,52$ 2,16$ 1275 $
1919 D$ 1,8311 $49 $273 $
1919 S$ 1,83$ 1233 $333 $
1920$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,7452 $
1920 D$ 1,52$ 2,1623 $135 $
1920 S$ 1,63$ 2,82$21230 $
1921$4185 $348 $1.408 $
1921 D53 $122 $557 $1.198 $
1923$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,74$21
1923 S$ 1,52$ 3,7463 $227 $
1924$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 12$ 66
1924 D$ 1,63$ 3,7452 $300 $
1924 S$ 1,63$ 2,8247 $192 $
1925$ 1,52$ 2,1611 $$42
1925 D$ 1,83$ 1483 $393 $
1925 S$ 1,63$ 3,7472 $239 $
1926$ 1,52$ 2,82$ 2,82$25
1926 D$ 1,63$ 2,82$28155 $
1926 S11 $$28219 $1.342 $
1927$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,7423 $
1927 D$ 1,83$ 3,7476 $298 $
1927 S$ 1,63$ 2,8234 $314 $
1928$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 2,82$21
1928 D$ 1,83$ 1249 $311 $
1928 S$ 1,52$ 1,8319 $154 $
1929$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 2,82$20
1929 D$ 1,52$ 2,16$ 12$26
1929 S$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,7437 $
1930$ 1,52$ 1,83$ 3,74$25
1930 S$ 1,52$ 2,16$21101 $
1931$ 1,52$ 2,16$ 12$26
1931 D$ 2,8215 $45 $116 $
1931 S$ 1,83$ 2,82$2298 $
1934$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$24
1934 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,8251 $
1935$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,92
1935 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,82$29
1935 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,16$20
1936$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,92
1936 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,8223 $
1936 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 18
1937$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,44
1937 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,16$ 18
1937 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 16
1938$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 6,58
1938 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,16$22
1938 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,8317 $
1939$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,04
1939 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$4,61
1939 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 2,16$ 18
1940$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1940 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,04
1940 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,44
1941$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1941 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,44
1941 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$4,61
1942$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1942/41249 $325 $462 $$ 2.016
1942 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$4,61
1942 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 6,58
1943$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1943 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,04
1943 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,44
1944$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1944 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,04
1944 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,44
1945$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1945 D$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 4,30
1945 S$ 1,52$ 1,63$ 1,83$ 5,04

The above values ​​are wholesale mercury cents. Calculated from dealer price lists considering various margin factors. They accurately reflect the value you would expect when sold. Fluctuations in value occur depending on subtle valuation points, collector demands, and dealer needs. For more general information, see Lists of values ​​inCoin Value Guideare determined.

Step 1: | Date and mint mark are marked

A favorite of collectors, who refer to the series as Mercury Dimes; the coin depicts a winged capped bust of Liberty; Symbol of freedom of thought. The reverse is an ancient Roman symbol, the fasces. A bundle of sticks tied around an axe; whose meaning is strength through unity.

Mentas y Mintmarks de Mercury Dimes

A new design replacing the Barber Dime and well received by the public. Three bullets hit dimes during the 1916-1945 period of the series. Compiling a set of each date and mintmark combination is often the focus of collectors. The mints and their mint marks are shown below. Each one is assessed separately and by state of preservation.

San Francisco Mint

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (2)

In 1916, the San Francisco Mint finished issuing the last barber series and began producing the mercury cent series. During the series' lifespan, production was noticeably halted for a few years; 1922, 1932 and 1933 when no dimes were minted. San Francisco contributed just over 440 million mercury cents.

On the reverse is the mintmark 'S' for San Francisco. At the base of the fasces on the left is a small "S" indicating that St. Francis struck the dime.

Denver mint

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (3)

Denver totaled just under 476 million mercury coins, the second-highest of the three bullets. The very small number of 1916-D coins is remarkable: 264,000, the key to the series. The later editions of the teens and the 20s are also unassuming. Everything you need to complete a dates and mint set.

There is a small "D" coin mark on the reverse to indicate that the Denver Mint minted the dime. Just to the left of the olive stalk at the bottom of the coin, look for the "D" mark on the edge.


Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (4)

Philadelphia is the original and primary US mint. The total production of mercury coins has exceeded 1.7 billion coins. One number larger than the two mints combined. Notable low mintage years are 1921 and 1930. 1921 is a rare coin in any grade, however 1930 has premium value in higher grades.

Philadelphia did not use a mint mark to indicate its coin production at the time. If there is no mintmark at the bottom left of the fasces, the coin was minted by Philadelphia.


Step 2: | The sorting condition defines a narrow range of values

Rare dates and mintmarks are two key factors affecting the value of Mercury Dimes. The condition of your coins is also important in determining how much your Mercury Dime is worth.

Mercury Dime levels increase with condition

Mercury Dime values ​​are directly related to the condition. Whether it is a rare or common date, the values ​​increase as the condition increases. Collectors want the best coins for their collections and are willing to pay a premium for coins in good condition.

Compare your coins to the rating images below, find the best match, and assign a "grade" to each.

Grading a coin is easy. As a coin circulates, design elements wear away and disappear. Visually different stages of wear are evaluated.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (5)

Note on coin condition: Mercury Dime

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (6)

Front: Features identifying the level of new condition:An uncirculated coin in mint condition should show no signs of surface wear. Design highlights are closely examined and confirm that the original finishes remain intact.

The waves of hair above Liberty's forehead sit in a high profile and the shine quickly fades from the surface. A color change and smoothing of the metal are signs that the coin saw is used in trade. An even texture of the metal along the highest points of the hair, fading into the lower areas, indicates a mint coin.

The leading edge of the wing is also an area to evaluate. Fine lines are part of the design and the original texture is retained overall, which helps to assess signs of wear.

A subtle indicator of wear is metal feathers on Liberty's cheeks and chin. A closer look reveals a continuous, even structure of the metal as a whole.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (7)

Back: Features identifying the level of new condition:When rotated and tilted under a light, the mint glitter reflects a glow.

The highlands include the bands on the fasces. These show no opacity or smoothing. The horizontal and diagonal bands are light and show an original texture.

Also, the leaves of the olive branch have a "glow" similar to the fields on the coin directly below.

Extremely Fine Grade: Mercury Dime

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (8)


Obverse: Characteristics identifying an extremely fine variety:Minor wear and tear has now flattened areas with high spots. Wear is minor, but many fine details remain.

Distinct waves appear in Liberty's hair on her forehead. Some small details come together, but the main waves are lifted well.

Small areas are flattened into locks of hair at the nape of the neck, leaving large parting lines.

The underside of the wing is smooth in the fine details of the feathers. Complete separation of the upper feathers remains along the horizontal lines.

The Liberty Cheek is packed with high and low areas that define the cheekbones, jawline and brow bone.

The leaves on the vertical lines are outlined without blurring, a small but important detail.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (9)

Reverse: Characteristics that characterize an extremely fine variety:A first indicator of an extremely fine quality mercury dime is the full diagonal bands crossing the vertical lines.

When the upper and lower bands cross the middle, a clear line remains.

The sanding removed the line on the horizontal stripe, leaving a small flat area. The three horizontal bands are well defined by the vertical lines.

The vertical lines of the stems begin to appear flat but remain completely separate.

Gray fino: ten cents of mercury

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (10)

Obverse: Features that identify the degree of fineness:Wear has created areas of the surface that appear heavily and moderately worn. An overall sharp look is maintained due to the finer visible lines.

Only the curls of hair are now beginning to blend into Liberty's forehead. A light streak remains with a faded contour line.

The wing leading edge fades only in unconnected areas. Most of the wing outline remains defined and discernible in the underlying eyelid areas.

A bold fine coin shows the interior details of the wing.

The tops of the letters are fully defined and not connected to the edge.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (11)

Back: Features that characterize the fine grade:A fasces with modern details is at the center of a high-quality mercury dime.

Diagonal tape tracks are visible when they cross the vertical lines. Closer look; often the lower edge of the band is sharper.

The horizontal bands connecting the stems are now smooth with no center lines. The upper, middle and lower bands merge with the central vertical bars.

Vertical lines merge into areas. Connecting vertical lines should remain separate and limited where the diagonal stripes intersect.

The letters are complete and separated from the border. In addition, a full rim with a raised inner rim can be observed.


Hardcover Note: Mercury Dime

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (12)

Front: Features that identify the good grade:Wear has now removed all the finer details and the main details are mostly sketched.

Liberty's hair is merged into her forehead and a flat area extends to her wing. Starting on her cheek, a flat area fades more softly into her hair and wing.

The date remains bold with a little mix of the last digit and the ring. Any gap between the last digit and the margin is a good strong note.

The subtitle is clear. The top of the lettering is worn and faded in places. The letters that touch the edge can only be found sporadically.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (13)

Verso: Features that characterize the good grade:A strong outline of the fasces remains, along with a mintmark, if present.

All traces of diagonal and horizontal bands are flattened and absent. One or two vertical lines are usually seen, especially around the edges.

The title is fairly easy to read with most letters. The border over the letters in the areas will start to fade. Importantly, the letters are only mixed at the edges in separate areas, and only the tips of the letters are affected.

Video: Classification of mercury dimes.

Videos | Classification of mercury coins

The video describes in detail the procedure for assessing the condition of mercury coins. The key elements of the design are assessed and an accurate grade is assigned based on the amount of detail remaining. Close-up photos are used to compare your coin and identify its condition.

Step 3: | Recognize special qualities

Two separate markets determine the values ​​of quicksilver dimes. First up are collectible grade dimes, pieces of the highest quality with aesthetic appeal. The second market is the plentiful combinations of dates and peppermint brands that are available in bulk.

Collector's market for mercury coins

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (14)

Collectible quality coins are rare compared to the number of gold pieces. To achieve high quality, a coin limited to no wear, a beautiful light mint silver tone and few distractions.


Collectors develop a preference for a certain "look" and use the search to find a suitable specimen. Often you look at too many examples before you find a meeting you like. These collections are created from all visually matching coins.

A set of Mercury coins with bright circles and similar tones is a fun challenge for many collectors. Strong values ​​are the result.


Mercury dime market

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (15)

The second major market for mercury dimes is gold coins. These coins are characterized by their heavy wear and dates that are available in large numbers. Many see themselves more or less as part of this group. The price of silver moves the value of gold cents up or down when the price of silver changes.

Chart quotes ranging from $1.52 to $1.83 (updated weekly) identify these coins. The coin's condition rating is a crucial factor between the quality of the bar and that of the collector. If all of the vertical lines on the fasces on the back are visible, it is a strong candidate for collectors. By examining the grading images closely, you can decide if your coin is a higher value collector's mercury penny.


US coinAnnual Report of the US Mint for 1948.
US coinUS Mint Annual Report 1916

Coin Values ​​| Forex study article

date by date
Detailed coin values ​​from Mercury
1916 bis 1945




























Special note: Mercury cents from 1940-1945 are generally collected in uncirculated quality. Values ​​typically range from $4.30 to $6.58 depending on how good the conditions are. The smallest number of markings, the brilliance of brilliance, the beauty of hue, and the richness of the stroke all play a role in determining Mercury's dime values.

The designer's initials are prominently placed.

Mercury dimes values ​​| discover your worth (16)

One of the few US coins with the designer's initials: Adolph A. Weinman, displayed in an open field of the design. He designed both the Mercury Penny and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, which are considered two of the finest coin designs in the United States. A stylized "AW" is located in the obverse panel, just behind the Liberty. These initials can be found on all Mercury coins.

more cent values

Find out how much your old coins are worth. Bust, Seated Liberty, for Barber, Mercury, and Roosevelt Dimes. Compare your coins to the grading images to assess coin condition and value charts.

Classification of Ancient Coins || video index

Video index of classification of ancient coins. The various coin series from Barber to Roosevelt are judged on the basis of descriptions and grading pictures. The exact degree determination leads to an exact value.

Today's minimum values ​​for silver coins

Many of the historical values ​​of US silver coins are closely related to the price of silver. Silver coins, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars are 90% silver and are worth many times their face value. With the current high price of silver, your old coins will become surprisingly valuable.

Coin Value Guide | How to value a coin collection

A step-by-step method combined with the online coin value guide shows how a coin collection is valued. Find out how much your chest of ancient coins is worth.

sell coinsdescribes the different types of markets and the types of currencies for each market. Sure, some extra effort, but finding the best coin buyers yields the best results.

(Video) Value of 1941 Mercury Dimes

Coin Values ​​Discovery gegen Mercury Dime Values ​​e...

All US coin denomination images of the various coin series are linked to denomination tables listing the dates and mint marks for each series. Step by step; Identify the condition and quality of your coin, look for popular major brands and grades.

Print out the coin value worksheetto list their mercury dime values. If you decide to sell... use the worksheet as an invoice and packing slip when sending coins to merchants. This indicates that you have done your homework on the coin value.


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