Review of NCR Silver Point of Sale (POS). (2023)

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NCR Silver POS offers a wide range of hardware and software options, but going "a la carte" can quickly become expensive.


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    Sleek and modern user interface

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    Large selection of products and functions.

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    Excellent customer service

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    No flat fees - pay for what you use

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    Demo available

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    No credit card processing

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    Pricing structure not specified

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    A hardware option a la carte can be expensive

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PDV Prata RNC(opens in a new tab)is iPad basedPoint-of-Sale-Systemby NCR Corporation (originally National Cash Register) based on 135 years of industry experience.

The company is a lot bigger than many of the POS and mobile payment startups, but that has its perks.

NCR has developed several other POS systems includingAloha TPV for restaurants(opens in a new tab)and Counterpoint for retailers, and the company certainly drew on that experience in developing NCR Silver.

The back office reporting options are great. I can review, track and adjust orders. I also like the accounting and tax documentation options. I can see that this software will work even better for my business as I add more information.

NCR Silver POS sets itself apart from the competition by offering 24/7 live support and a wide range of software and hardware packages. If the company's hardware packages don't necessarily work for your business, you can create your own solution by combining your a la carte hardware options into a package that suits your needs.

But the question remains: is NCR Silver POS the right POS system for your business? Let's take a look at NCR Silver's hardware, software, and customer support to find out if this solution is still the gold standard when it comes to POS.

NCR Silver POS prices

NCR Silver's pricing approach has changed in recent years. Previously, customers had two options to choose from: NCR Silver Basic or NCR Silver Pro.

Now, NCR's pricing approach is to assess costs based on personalized business needs. In conversation with the sales department, we were told that the price depends entirely on the size of the company and the required POS software or hardware.

There is no flat, transparent, one-size-fits-all pricing structure at NCR.

However, this has its advantages. If you're a family business, you're probably saving money with NCR Silver POS, where you may have to pay for features you don't need at other POS companies.

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However,NCR Plata Pro(opens in a new tab)it still exists in a way. It has now been divided intoNCR Silver Pro tableware for restaurants and barsmiNCR Silver Pro for quick service and fast casual restaurants. Each NCR Silver Pro plan starts at $149 per month.

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NCR Silver Pro tableware for restaurants and bars vs. NCR Silver Pro for quick service and fast casual restaurants
Cell Header - Column 0NCR Silver Pro tableware for restaurants and barsCR Silver Pro for fast casual and quick service restaurants
Hardware10 inch POS terminal without customer screen10 inch POS terminal without customer screen
Row 1 - cell 0EMV and NFC compliant payment deviceEMV and NFC compliant payment device
Row 2 - cell 0receipt printerreceipt printer
Row 3 - Cell 0Hardware WarrantyHardware Warranty
Row 4 - cell 0Row 4 - cell 116" cash drawer
SoftwareCloud-based point of saleCloud-based point of sale
Row 6 - cell 0payment processpayment process
Row 7 - cell 0Reporting and back office configurationReporting and back office configuration
Row 8 - cell 0Loyalty and Email MarketingLoyalty and Email Marketing
addedportable mPOSportable mPOS
Row 10 - cell 0Row 10 - cell 12D-Scanner mit fio
ServicesConcierge service: back office setup, training and ongoing menu maintenanceConcierge service: back office setup, training and ongoing menu maintenance
Row 12 - cell 0Customer service 24/7/365Customer service 24/7/365
(Video) Silver POS Overview

In addition to these features, NCR Silver also offers these add-ons:

✔ Inventory management

✔ Gift Cards

✔ Employee management

✔ Kitchen cabinet

✔ Advanced reports

✔ Online orders and contactless payments

To get a realistic quote and find out how much you can save,Contact NCR Silver POS(opens in a new tab)Immediately.

Called from NCR Silver

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On the other end of the spectrum, NCR also has a $39 mobile card reader called SilverConnect(opens in a new tab)Designed for micro businesses that just want to accept payments. The service costs $14 per month plus 2.7% for each hit or dip.

there are cheaperMobile card payment readerbut if you want to see what NCR Silver has to offer without making a big investment, this is your best bet.

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NCR Silver Point of Sale facility

If you choose to use your own hardware with NCR Silver, getting started is as easy as downloading the company's software.sales terminal(opens in a new tab)from the App Store. After you complete your NCR Silver registration, the app will be activated and you can start setting up your back office.

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(Video) NCR Silver Review and Back Office Demo

If you prefer to streamline the process, the company has launched a new service calledsilver goalkeeper(opens in a new tab)in 2015, including back office setup, monthly menu maintenance, hardware support and more.

Just like a real concierge, the service offers enhanced customer support with the ability to call, email, IM or SMS 24/7. The best thing about Silver Concierge is the price: It's free and included with your NCR Silver subscription.

Getting NCR Silver up and running is a fairly simple process, and knowing that help is available when you need it can make all the difference when you run into difficulties.

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Features of NCR Silver POS

NCR Silver offers a solid range of features, as well as some that typically cost more, like email marketing and the loyalty tool add-ons mentioned above.

The company regularly updates its apps and platform, and those updates are included with your subscription. This way you always use the latest version of your software.

When it comes to inventory management, NCR Silver gives you the tools for the job, and its software can track inventory and even send you alerts when inventory is low.

The restaurant-focused NCR Silver Pro takes it a step further and lets you track raw ingredients. However, you must create your orders yourself as NCR Silver does not maintain supplier information or assist customers with orders.

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In terms of reports, NCR Silver offers several reports and even one that shows daily and hourly sales data. There's even a category item list that shows the top selling and bottom selling items.

An item sales report is available to show item performance over a period of time and can be very helpful for seasonal products.

All NCR Silver reporting data can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet and the company's POS system integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Paychex, PassMarket and LevelUp. You can also create custom integrations for your POS system using the NCR Silver API, which the company makes available to its customers.

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NCR Silver POS Convergence

If the NCR Silver POS system is too expensive for your budget, don't worry, there are plenty of POS alternatives.

(Video) Brief Video Demo and Review of NCR Silver

For example, if you run a restaurant, you could get involvedyou don't care about VATspecializing in gastronomy. The company's hardware is slightly more expensive than NCR Silver, but it's designed from the ground up to withstand the rigors of any restaurant environment.

If your business is more e-commerce focused, thenShopify PDVcould fit better. The company's plans are cheaper than NCR Silver, and in addition to the basic plan, there is also the Lite plan, which costs just $9 per month.

NCR Silver POS Final Verdict

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NCR's Silver POS system offers a wide range of features, excellent on-going customer support, and a variety of hardware options. If you are a small business in the fast food or restaurant industry, NCR is a smart choice to keep your internal and external sales and operations running smoothly.

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