The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (2023)

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Kartell: DEA undercover


Circo Hyde

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (1)
The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (2)
The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (3)
The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (4)

Kartell: DEA undercover


Circo Hyde

Finding a house this cheap is rare in New York. You may not believe the stories, but they say this house was a haven for one of the most evil spirits the small town of Amityville has ever seen. All the former owners and families of the house disappeared without warning. Everyone in town tells you to get out while you can: casualties are inevitable and terror is inevitable. We hope you enjoy your first night in your new home.




60 minutes

female players

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minimum age

13 years

Accompanied by an adult.





(323) 373-3101

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comments from"Amityville" plan now

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (5)

Dalila S.

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April 18, 2021

Amityville was the room we booked and boy was it an adventure!

We loved the weird vibe and left with 24 minutes to go! Some of the puzzles were a bit confusing, but there are clues that are very helpful. I don't want to spoil anything, but the house is so much fun, it's sure to cheer you up.

Overall, each room was tastefully decorated and we loved the way the puzzles interacted with each other.

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (6)

eduardo b

December 02, 2019

This was my second escape room, my first in Los Angeles. I asked the staff if they would rather skip the holiday tour and try an escape room, we had a great time. We split into teams of two and tried Houdini and Amityville. It was a great way to develop communication and teamwork skills while having a good dose of fun. I highly recommend this place - the story was good, the setting was super fun and inventive. I don't like my first escape room after coming here.

Houdini is a very unique space. All I'm saying is don't let the initial shock of how this starts get you down: everything will be fine. It's also physical and a lot of fun.

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (7)

Carlos H.

July 16, 2019

We came back here to do Amityville, a horror-themed room. The theme of this room is very well done. I love horror, but scare easily, so this room had just the right amount of tension and pressure throughout the game. The story is that you are buying a house but you need to discover the mystery behind it, which brings me to the next point...

I like the room exploration part! In fact, you don't get much instruction initially, which means you can explore your surroundings, discover destinations, and really appreciate your surroundings. The background noise is weird and it's actually a lot of fun to stumble around in the dark. Many of the puzzles are lock and key with magnetized pieces. They are useful because they lend themselves well to topics in unexpected ways.

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (8)

Daniel G.

April 20, 2019

I just did the Amityville Escape Room and it was amazing. Perfect for anyone looking for a horror experience. The space was immersive, unpredictable, scary at times, and overall one of the best escape rooms I've ever done. I have to yell Derrick! He was a great host, very helpful and very kind. I highly recommend 60out and will definitely look into other rooms.

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The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (9)

liam c

February 14, 2019

This is our 38th escape room (easy, I know...), and Amityville ended up at the top of our list! This place also officially became our favorite place on 60Out in all of Los Angeles! We have completed the 3 bedrooms on this site which are Cartel, Hyde and Seek and now Amityville (currently working on a 4th bedroom!) and these bedrooms have what many people would look for in a great room. The puzzles flow seamlessly and don't feel like "puzzles for puzzles' sake". Another big part of this place is the set design; We spoke to the amazing Patrick after the game (I'll talk about what an amazing game master he is in a bit) and he told us that something this place strives for is to make every room beautiful and authentic and I honestly think they've blown the roof off what an escape room can do in terms of visual design. Kudos to the set designers for making every space in Silver Lake feel so beautiful and real.

Finally, we had the privilege of having a man named Patrick officiate our last two games here, which was Hyde and Seek and also Amityville. Let me tell you, I don't think I've ever met a better person to run escape room games than Patrick. He is incredibly helpful, although he won't hold your hand with puzzles either, he takes pride in the work each room has to offer and he is an incredibly fun person. After the game we would discuss things that happened during the game (mainly how wussy I was, to be honest) and it quickly turned into a real fun conversation, just discussing fun things people had previously done in the room, or even sharing our recommendations. from Escape Room between us. I wish you all the best and hope your excellent customer service does not go unnoticed.

Overall, this room was pretty scary in our opinion, but winning is worth it, and the challenges you face are perfectly designed to feel real! Congrats guys, can't wait for the next one!

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (10)


14. October 2018

Dear circus!!!!!
I have AED!!!!!
I loved Amnityville!!!!!
I would definitely recommend this place for escape rooms! They were big spaces, not only in the scenery but also in the puzzles. PIERCE was our GM, he is AWESOME! He was helpful when needed and fun.
I love 60out rooms and this location is definitely one of the best. Thanks for the great experience!

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (11)

Originally a

05. August 2018

I came with a group of 4 people total and we did the Amityville Horror Room. Our game master Patrick was SO awesome! The nicest guy ever, super helpful and amazing! The room was really scary and cool and definitely challenging! We left with 4 minutes to go.
I will definitely be back as soon as possible to do the new circus room which seems to be the biggest and the poster room I have ever heard is amazing. I can't wait to come back and thanks again to Patrick and 60out for a great experience!

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (12)

Petcharat K.

July 31, 2018

(Video) James Corden & Ariana Grande Visit an Escape Room

Amityville was great, I loved the technology and... the scares! 60out Escape Rooms has the best escape rooms I've ever been to. Recommend them!
Edit;; forgot to mention Andrew (our game master) was amazing. He answered every question we asked him about the history and background of the escape room. When we asked him for advice, he did not tell us what the solutions were directly. He made the room comfortable even if a lot of tips were needed :)

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The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (13)

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Circo Hyde
Kartell: DEA undercover
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The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (18)

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23. September 2018

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (19)

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25. August 2018

The Amityville Los Angeles Horror Escape Room Game (20)

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09. October 2019

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While searching for her new home in New York, she stumbles across a house that seems too good to be true. It's big, it's very affordable, and it's located right where she'd hope to move. As he investigates the house, she comes across some stories posted online claiming that this house is home to one of the most evil spirits Amityville has ever known. One post read: "All the families living in this house disappeared without notice and have yet to be found." Yeah, sure... you were never one to believe in ghost stories. Everything looks good and you buy.


It's time to spend your first night at home in Amityville. Your neighbors look at you worriedly as you carry your belongings inside. The man in front runs and warns that if you enter you will never escape. We'll see...

You and your family walk into your new home and a chill runs down your spine. The stories can't be real, right? Book the Amityville Escape Room and discover how real these ghost stories can be.


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