The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (2023)

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (1)

Oh, what a chic Italian answer to happy hour: the art of aperitivo is a tradition we want to make our own this summer. But what exactly is it and how can we recreate it? Our resident wine and spirits expert provides us with information.

What is the aperitif ritual?

A festive cocktail after work and before dinner, the aperitivo hour is a sacred time of day to relax and meet friends. Derived from the Latin "aperire", meaning "to open", it is said to whet the appetite for dinner. Therefore, after work in the last rays of the sun, it is usually accompanied by a selection of snacks. We would suggestPerello-OlivenITorres-chips(Or traditional with cold cuts and arancini).

What is an example of an aperitif?

KampariIAperolare two well-known examples of aperitivo, both of which can be used to create a refreshing spritz in a safe 3-2-1 ratio (i.e. three parts)Prosecco, two parts Aperol or Campari, one partMineral water). Garnish with a slice of orange and serve with plenty of ice. Iconic, bittersweet and sparkling, that's itwitte LotusThe atmosphere of the second season strikes the perfect balance between invigorating and refreshing.

The emergence of the aperitif

Loris Contro, brand ambassador for Italian icons at Campari Group UK, explains that the demand for bitter, sophisticated cocktails has increased. This was partly due to a viral clip ofdragon houseActress Emma Darcy interviews co-star Olivia Cooke about her favorite drinks. Searches for her favorite drink, Negroni sbagliato, skyrocketed after the exchange, a whopping 3,800%.

Contro says, "Our partner bars have seen a huge increase in visitors asking for a cocktail or a variation on the classic Negroni." We also see people choosing drinks that make them nostalgic. In times of uncertainty, people appreciate the little luxuries that bring a sense of joy and intimacy. "We know that the timeless Aperol Spritz brings back fond memories of holidays abroad."

So with no signs of aperitivo waning in popularity, we've found the best Aperol alternatives to add to your spritz repertoire this summer.

This is how we test Aperitivo

OfZIJ-PracaWSET-trained wine and spirit experts sampled 12 aperitifs to see which were best for the summer. Each is tasted in the brand's recommended serving size and served blind to avoid brand distortion. To give you a taste of what the experts were looking for, our definition of the perfect aperitif should be dry, slightly bitter and refreshing, and versatile enough to pair with a wide variety of dishes.

These are the people who received support.

The best aperitif

Aperitif Co Venedig Aperitif

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (2)

The best aperitif

Aperitif Co Venedig Aperitif

The original Venetian spritz is usedTo elect,which has been proudly made according to the same recipe since 1920. And while still a sophisticated choice, this British alternative adds a layer of grapefruit and hibiscus to the dish. This addition of tropical fruit brings out the woody base and bitter spice, adding a bright note that sings in the glass. And frankly, if that description doesn't convince you, the beautifully illustrated bottle certainly will.

How to serve:Pour 50 ml Venice Aperitivo into a chilled wine glass, top up with 50 ml sparkling wine, finish with a splash of lemonade and garnish with a slice of orange.

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Tom75 kl

While we hailed Italy as the keeper of the holy spritz, Spain has its own approach to how it's made. El Bandara is meant to be mixed with tonic water and we think it perfectly captures the carefree nature of drinking outside on a sunny dayBarcelonaDak.

Ruby nectar is made from grenacheMy wBasic and Mediterranean maceration of fruits, herbs and spices, including cinnamon and orange. Result? A refreshing portion with hints of citrus, mint and rose, which we think tastes best with a plate of freshly baked gilds and croquettes.

How to serve:Pour 50 ml Venice Aperitivo into a chilled wine glass, top up with 100 ml tonic and garnish with a slice of orange or green olive. Hi!

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The best rose flavored spritz

Lanique Spirit by Rose Likor

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (4)

The best rose flavored spritz

Lanique Spirit by Rose Likor

Okay, so you're not going to get a blood orange-gold hue with this one. But what Lanique offers is a Turkish twist on the classic aperitif. It is made from steam-distilled rose petals, the pure essence of which is gram after gram more valuable than gold itself. You can find it in cocktails prepared at The Ivy and Goring Hotel and at the same time you can combine it with tonic water, we prefer our Glass, which has been improvedDun.

How to serve:Take your best champagne glass, add 25 ml of Lanique, top with champagne and finish off with an expertly placed pickle ribbon.

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Tom70 cl
ABW39 %

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Cocchi American aperitif

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (5)

Cocchi American aperitif

The bartender's favorite spritz, Cocchi Americano, has a potent bitter quinine base. Warming cooking spices such as cinnamon and cloves are supplemented with the fresh green ingredient menthol and flavored with cherry blossom and raw almonds. In short, it's complicated! And a must for cocktail maniacs.

How we served:Try it in American Royale, made with one part Americano Cocchi and two parts sparkling wine. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon.

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Tom75 kl
ABW16,5 %

Aker English Rosé Aperitif

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (6)

Aker English Rosé Aperitif

Inspired by the English countryside, while Aker is made with British botanicals and English rosé wine from Chapel Down, it is as vibrant and refreshing as its Italian counterparts. A sophisticated take on strawberries and cream, the blend also features Cotswold raspberries and fresh herbs, as well as notes of aromatic honeysuckle.

How we served:Mix fresh mint and strawberries to 50 ml Aker, top up with English sparkling wine and a splash of lemonade.

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Tom75 kl
ABW17 %

Non-alcoholic Crodino

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (7)

Non-alcoholic Crodino

Owned by the Campari Group, Crodino is a great alternative to our popular Aperol Spritz. You can expect the same bittersweet botanicals and long-lasting blood orange citrus, but without the alcohol. However, it turns out that it is difficult to distinguish this drink from an alcoholic drink. That's why it's the perfect choice if you don't drink but don't want to miss anything.

How we served:It's ready, so just pour over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

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Tom3 x 175ml

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The best aperitivo bars in London

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (8)

Don't feel like doing it yourself? These are the best places in the capital for an hour of aperitivo...


The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (9)

An oldie but a treat, Bar Termini in Soho offers an hour of aperitivo like a seasoned pro. Order the title Spritz (made with Beefeater gin, rhubarb liqueur, Aperol and Prosecco) or Death in Venice (Campari, grapefruit bitters and Prosecco).

Serve with cold cuts and a selection of Italian cheeses and watch the bartenders prepare your next round.

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Address:7 Old Compton Street, Londen, W1D 5JE

Eataly X Aperol Sprizteria

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (10)

Eataly's outdoor terrace is back for a second time and has enough orange trees to keep Italy competing for its money. In addition to the Aperol Spritz offer, we invite you to the Eataly delicatessen counter or Italian bruschetta with ricotta and grilled zucchini.

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Address:135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

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The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (11)

The Venetian portion of cicchetti Cecconi (meaning “little” or “nothing”) is the epitome of aperitivo hour – think appetizer-sized crostini with whipped ricotta and truffle honey and scamorza arancini. But it actually comes naturallycity ​​roof, where you can get a cocktail and two small plates from 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday for £16 each.

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Address:Different places

The ELLE editor's guide to an aperitivo hour if you're obsessed with all things Aperol (12)

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What's the difference between aperitivo and Aperol? ›

Is aperitivo the same as Aperol? No, aperitivo and Aperol are not exactly the same. Aperitivo is the general term for the beloved Italian pre-dinner drink ritual, while Aperol Spritz is considered a popular type of aperitivo. So, while the two go hand-in-hand, they're not considered the same thing.

What time of day do Italians drink Aperol Spritz? ›

When To Drink An Aperol Spritz. The classic moment to drink an Aperol spritz is as its name suggests – at aperitif time. Around 6.30-7.30 pm is peak Aperol time. It's usually accompanied by bar snacks (complimentary of course) and is a great drink to enjoy with friends.

Why do Italians like Aperol Spritz? ›

is an Italian aperitif, originally created in 1919 by bartender Raimondo Ricci. The drink was invented as a means to combat the heat and humidity of Italy's summer months. It became popular among people who wanted something light to sip on before dinner.

What is the story behind Aperol? ›

Two brothers, Luigi and Silvio Barbieri, wanted to create a new, lighter aperitif unique to Padua. That drink was Aperol. The Barbieri Brothers launched Aperol at the 1919 Padua International Fair, which was a prominent trade event that also included a 'Campionara' – an exhibition devoted to food, travel and lifestyle.

Is an Aperol Spritz a girly drink? ›

A cocktail for men? Men love the orange-coloured tipple more than women. The Aperol Spritz is their third favourite cocktail on Business Insider's shortlist, whereas for women it comes in at fourth, (overall the Spritz remains in 2nd place because of how popular it is for both genders in Europe!)

Is Aperol Spritz sweet or bitter? ›

What does Aperol Spritz taste like? Aperol Spritz is decidedly delicious; very slightly bitter with a sweet hint of orange and a light tang of herbs. The Prosecco or Champagne gives it sparkle and the soda water refreshes. It's Italy's answer to Pimms.

Can you drink Aperol straight up? ›

Drinking Aperol on its own

Aperol really does not need any mixer or addition added to it and its light flavor makes it perfect for just that. This is not like drinking other liquor straight up that may be too overpowering. Aperol makes a great drink to sip in its pure form without any harsh bite.

Are Aperol Spritz high in alcohol? ›

Aperol Spritz is a low alcohol aperitif

With an alcohol percentage of just 11%, Aperol Spritz is a great choice if you're choosing to moderate your drinking.

Is Aperol Spritz less alcoholic than wine? ›

It has the bitter taste of an aperitif or digestif, yet at a sessionable 11 percent alcohol by volume, it's similar to a low-alcohol wine or a high-alcohol beer. Unless you happen to be buying your Aperol in Germany, that is. In Germany, all Aperol is 15 percent alcohol by volume.

Do Italians actually drink Aperol Spritz? ›

Aperol Spritz is a classic Italian cocktail and the most popular aperitivo drink in Italy. It is served in a large stemmed wine glass and has a signature orange color that makes it easy to recognize: if you are in Italy in the summer, you will easily spot it on outdoor tables, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike!

What do Italians drink before lunch? ›

An aperitif is an alcoholic Italian drink served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. An aperitif is traditionally a glass of wine or a dry, bitter, low-alcohol cocktail. This drink is usually enjoyed with small bite-sized foods and snacks. Together, this is known as aperitivo.

What do Italians drink in the evening? ›

Why do Italians drink coffee after dinner? “The espresso after dinner is ordered only if the meal was heavy, and they also 'correct' the espresso by adding grappa, known as 'the corretto,'” Milos says. The habit might also have to do with the fact that Italians stay up later.

Why did Aperol become so popular? ›

Identifying Aperol as the perfect drink for post-recession Italy, with its affordability, lower alcohol content and natural ingredients, Gruppo Campari promoted the spritz as a “fun aperitivo”, lifting spirits among bar-goers and providing an alternative to heavier spirits.

What does Aperol mean in Italian? ›

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb and cinchona, among other ingredients. It has a vibrant orange hue. Its name comes from apero, a French slang word for apéritif.

Is Aperol Spritz good for health? ›

They are a tummy settler – Spritz is enjoyed as an aperitif before a meal, this helps stimulate the appetite and get your body for all the delicious foods about to come its way. Feeling full after eating, don't worry, Aperol's got you. It also works as a great digestive after a meal.

Why does Aperol taste so good? ›

With a low strength alcohol content at just 11%, Aperol is silky smooth and incredibly velvety. The juicy orange and woody undertones balance each other out creating a texture that is light, crisp and very drinkable.

Does Aperol need to be refrigerated? ›

Once opened, storing Aperol in the refrigerator will keep it fresh for up to three months. As is the case with other spirits on this list, Aperol is most commonly enjoyed chilled, anyway, so keeping it in the refrigerator is more convenient for drink-making anyway.

Which is better Aperol or Campari? ›

Aperol is Italy's favorite light aperitif, while Campari is the world's most famous. They're both somewhat bitter, but Aperol is a little less so, and therefore a tad sweeter. Aperol is bright orange in color, and its flavor is described as spicy orange-rhubarb.

Is Aperol an acquired taste? ›

Like any bitter liqueur or amaro, Aperol is an acquired taste, but it will likely appeal to most drinkers. “This is a good entry-level aperitivo,” says Bezuidenhout. Reiner calls Aperol “Campari with training wheels,” in reference to the more bitter amaro that stars in the Negroni.

What alcohol base is Aperol? ›

What is the alcohol percentage of Aperol? Aperol is 11% alcohol by volume. For more information about the contents of Aperol, have a look at our nutrition page.

Does Aperol taste like licorice? ›

Created by the Barbieri Brothers, Aperol's ingredients include bitter and sweet herbs and citrus, including licorice, fennel, aniseed, popular buds, bitter clover, wormwood, valerian, gentian, bitter orange, and rhubarb. It tastes and smells similar to Campari, but with less than half the alcohol (11% versus 23%).

Can you mix Aperol with Coke? ›

Vanilla Coke and Aperol were destined to cohabitate in a highball glass. While the combo is certainly sweet, it's also heavy with cola, coffee and earth. The cola and vanilla delicately balance against the bitter herbal tinge of the Aperol, so well that you'd almost think a master blender had a hand in the drink.

What is the best mixer for Aperol? ›

What do you mix Aperol with? It can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, but it's quite concentrated so works best turned into an Aperol spritz which is made with the addition of Prosecco and soda and yields a light and refreshing cocktail, usually drunk before dinner to stimulate the tastebuds.

Is Aperol Spritz full of sugar? ›

No, Aperol Spritz is a low-sugar cocktail. The traditional recipe calls for equal parts Aperol, Prosecco and soda. Aperol itself only contains 11 grams of sugar per liter, with a serving size of 3 ounces containing just 1 gram of sugar.

Is Aperol good for keto? ›

Here is your go-to list for some of the worst high-carb offenders: Aperol - 103 calories and 15 grams of carbs per shot (1.5 fl oz) Bailey's - 107 calories and 11 grams of carbs per shot (1 fl oz) Coconut Rum - 75 calories and 8 grams of carbs per shot (1.5 fl oz)

Can you drink an Aperol Spritz at night? ›

The Aperol spritz came along during the 1950s, and the delicious aperitif caught on in Italy and spread around the world. The cocktail is ideal for sipping before dinner as part of the popular aperitivo, combined with light snacks.

How much sugar is in a shot of Aperol? ›

Region: US
0.3 fl ozwater0
0.7 fl ozalcohol45
15 gsugar58
Mar 29, 2016

How do you ask for Aperol Spritz in Italian? ›

vorrei uno spritz, per favore.

Do Italians drink wine daily? ›

It is said that Italians drink at least a glass of wine per day, and we're sure that's true. While the rest of the world may consider drinking 'wine' as a luxury, in Italy, it is treated as an everyday custom. Lunch, dinner or dessert – Italians love to pair their meals with a hearty glass of vino.

What is the national drink of Italy? ›

Campari - Characterized by its dark red color and bitter flavor, Campari is the National Drink of Italy. Born in the Piedmont city of Novara, this distinct Italian alcoholic liqueur is made from the infusion of herbs and fruit in alcohol and water. It's an acquired taste for sure, but it's ever-present in Italy.

What is the pink drink in Italy? ›

Campari never tasted this delicious! My Pink Fizz cocktail is the perfect combination of flavours and texture – it's the most delicious hit of sweet and sour and a cinch to shake up at home… This Campari cocktail is a new spin on Italy's favourite aperitif.

What glasses do you use for Aperol Spritz? ›

White wine glasses are terrific for serving an Aperol Spritz, but if your wine glasses are super fancy or fragile, you might also consider using something sturdier, like a highball. Fill that glass with ice.

What time is dinner in Italy? ›

The Typical Italian Dinner

Italian dinner or la cena, usually from 8:00 to 10:00pm, is another time that Italians enjoy sitting down together and socializing. Dinner can be much later than 10:00pm, especially if eating out or dining at a friend's house.

What is the drinking age in Italy? ›

The minimum age to legally drink alcohol in Italy is 18, like in many other European countries (Spain, France, Portugal, etc.).

How do you say cheers in Italy? ›

'Cin cin' is the most common way to say 'cheers' in Italian. This is a casual and informal toast that is commonly used among friends and family. "Salute" is another way to say "cheers," which is more formal and is often used in more formal settings, such as a dinner party or a business event.

Do you drink water before or after coffee in Italy? ›

4. Water Before or After Espresso? According to Italian coffee drinking etiquette, a small glass of water should be served along with Espresso.

What time of day do Italians drink coffee? ›

After midday Italians drink their coffee black and will happily continue drinking into the evening. Later in the day, they may well add a slug of grappa or other liquor to their espresso to create a caffè corretto, but they would never consider adding milk.

Do Italians put sugar in their coffee? ›

Sugar is traditionally added to espresso by Italians, who invented the drink. Not all of them take it this way, but most of them do. Why? Because that's how you make it taste good.

Is Limoncello stronger than Aperol? ›

A drink that became very popular a few years ago is Aperol Spritz. This is a bit similar, but instead of orange liqueur, Limoncello is used here, which is a lemon liqueur and a little stronger in alcohol than Aperol.

What is the orange drink in Venice? ›

Aperol Spritz is the city's signature drink, dating back to the Spritz Veneziano of the 1920s. Served with a splash of sparkling Prosecco straight from the Veneto wine region, this orange-hued cocktail remains one of the most popular drinks in Italy.

What Italian liquor is similar to Aperol? ›

13 Alternatives For An Aperol Spritz
  • Campari spritz. monticello/Shutterstock. ...
  • Contratto Aperitif spritz. Contratto Aperitif. ...
  • Cappelletti Aperitivo spritz. Cappelletti Aperitivo. ...
  • Select Aperitivo sprtiz. Craig Barritt/Getty Images. ...
  • St. Agrestis Paradiso spritz. ...
  • Lillet Blanc spritz. BalkansCat/Shutterstock. ...
  • Italicus sprtiz. ...
  • St.
Jul 27, 2022

Can you buy Aperol in the United States? ›

Aperol Aperitivo Liqueur - 750ml Bottle : Target.

Why does everyone in Italy drink Aperol Spritz? ›

is an Italian aperitif, originally created in 1919 by bartender Raimondo Ricci. The drink was invented as a means to combat the heat and humidity of Italy's summer months. It became popular among people who wanted something light to sip on before dinner.

Is an Aperol Spritz high in calories? ›

Calories in an Aperol Spritz - 125 Calories

Created in the 1950s, this cocktail burst onto the scene and has remained popular ever since. Mixing 3 parts of prosecco, two parts Aperol and a splash of soda water, this light and delicious cocktail is made for sipping before a meal and contains only 125 calories.

Can you use aperitivo instead of Aperol? ›

As another member of the bitter crimson Italian aperitif family, Cappelletti Aperitivo is a perfect choice when you want something that's similar to Aperol, but with more going on in terms of body and flavor.

What makes an aperitivo? ›

Traditionally, an aperitivo is a carbonated, bitter, and low-alcohol beverage, such as the Aperol spritz, which is made with Prosecco, Aperol, and a spritz of sparkling mineral water. More flexible today, orders range from wine to beer to a variety of mixed drinks.

What are the different types of aperitivos? ›

Aperitivo drinks are divided into two categories: alcolici (alcoholic), and analcolici (non-alcoholic) drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks can range from fruit juice cocktails to a non-alcoholic bitter (Crodino, Sanbitter).

What is equivalent to Aperol? ›

Luxardo Aperitivo

In addition to its iconic cocktail cherries and straw-covered bottles of Maraschino liqueur, Luxardo makes the closest like-for-like Aperol alternative.

Which tastes better Campari or Aperol? ›

Aperol is a great beginner Italian bitter as it is sweeter, and not quite as bitter as Campari.” Plus, its comparatively lower ABV allows the fruitiness to shine, at just 11% ABV, Aperol is a perfect fit for all-day sipping.

What Italian aperitif is like Aperol? ›

Cappelletti Aperitivo

While Campari, Aperol, and Select are all liqueurs, Cappelletti is a fortified wine. Since 1909, Cappelletti has been infusing wine with a mixture of bitter Alpine herbs for a spice-forward, orangey, bittersweet flavor.

What is better than Aperol? ›

If you typically find Aperol Spritzes to be too sweet, try a Campari Spritz instead. Campari, which is also an Italian aperitif, is more bitter than Aperol, and has a significantly higher alcohol content as well. The result is a more intense drink that will give you a pleasant buzz.

What is Italians favorite aperitivo? ›

Aperol Spritz: It is considered to be the most favourite drink by Italians, especially during the summer thanks to its vibrant colours as well as its moderate alcohol content.

What is the surprisingly non alcoholic aperitivo? ›

Crodino is a Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo from Italy. Sparkling, refreshing and bittersweet, Crodino is created from a unique infusion of herbs, spices, woods and roots. Crodino takes its name from Crodo, a small municipality in the North of Italy, where the drink has been produced for over 50 years.

What is the perfect aperitif? ›

According to this, the best aperture in sports photography is commonly a large aperture, with values between f/2.8 and f/5.6. Sometimes and, depending on the scene and the focal length, you might need a larger depth of field, and for this, you'll have to set narrower apertures like f/8.

What do Italians drink after dinner? ›

What is a digestivo? Digestivi (“digestives,” in English) are often in the class of amari, or Italian bitters. Amari are made by infusing grape brandy with a blend of herbs, flowers, aromatic roots and bark, citrus peels, and spices.

What do Italians drink after lunch? ›

Italian digestif: Amaro

It is usually made by macerating alcohol with various herbs, roots, flowers, bark, and citrus peels. There are hundreds of variations of Amaro, but they all contain between 16-40% alcohol.

What does Aperol taste like? ›

Overall, the blend of zesty citrus, aromatic herbs and mellow vanilla creates a subtle but enticing scent on the nose. Immediately sweet, citrussy and refreshing, that first sip of Aperol offers an intensely orange taste, transporting you straight to the vibrant groves of Calabria.

What alcohol strength is Aperol? ›

What is the alcohol percentage of Aperol? Aperol is 11% alcohol by volume. For more information about the contents of Aperol, have a look at our nutrition page.

Is Aperol a spirit or wine? ›

Aperol is an amaro, a family of spirit-based, bitter drinks that includes Campari, Select and Cynar, all of which I prefer to Aperol in a spritz, because they are more bitter and less sweet, and, to my middle-aged eye at least, have a much more appealing colour.

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