Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (2023)

In Cajun country, not only spices are full of flavor. People, culture and destinations are also full of flavors.

If you're planning your next romantic getaway, consider a trip to the heart of the deep south's excitement. Or if you're already in the area, enjoy all the romance Louisiana has to offer right before your very eyes.

Below you will find our top 15 suggestions for romantic weekend getaways in a spicy stateLouisiana.

1. Hotel Monteleone

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (1)Of:hotelmonteleone

New Orleans: America's city of French architecture, Creole culture and Cajun bliss. There is no place more elegant in this extraordinary city than Hotel Monteleone. This luxury hotel brings a timeless style to the historic French Quarter.

Established in 1886, this Louisiana crown jewel is a proud symbol of the city and a member of Historic Hotels of America.

Enjoy the French Quarter inside and outside the Monteleone Hotel. But the best entertainment is the hotel's Carousel Bar & Lounge. As the carousel illuminates the interior of this space, you and your loved one can spin on the bright 25-seat carousel while enjoying specialty cocktails featuring local specialties.


2. Remington Suite Hotel & Spa

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (2)Of:Shreveport-Bossier

In the northwest corner of Louisiana is the relaxing and pampering Remington Suite Hotel and Spa. Because when you and your special someone feel the need to relax and let go of the stress in your life, Remington is the perfect place.

Enjoy the luxury of a heated indoor salt water pool, steam rooms, dry saunas and even an in-room massage therapist. And when you're rid of all the toxins and want to fill them up even more, head to the hotel lounge, a 1920s-inspired space with an intimate atmosphere.


3. Aunt Huppé Inn

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (3)Of:cultural journey

In the days before Louisiana was part of the United States, the city of Natchitoches was founded by the French in 1714. While many things have changed in the last 300 years, one thing has not changed; The old world charm of Natchitoches has been fully preserved.

The Tante Huppé Inn fits perfectly into this historic oasis. Inspired by early American architecture, this historic gem is still embellished with contemporary decor that will transport you straight to the 18th century upon arrival.


4. Berry Creek Cottages

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (4)Of:Berrycreek cabins

Tucked away in a quiet Louisiana neighborhood, Berry Creek Cabins offers couples a secluded place to get away from it all.

Rent your own cabin for complete privacy with your loved one. Each cabin is surrounded by lush greenery, the soothing sound of water and fresh air. After a stay at Berry Creek you can completely forget about your worries.

And when you're not relaxing at the cottage, try one of the many activities in the area: nature centers, alligator farms, lakes, vineyards, breweries, and more.


5. From Baton Rouge-revival

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (5)Of:hotel r

As you travel through Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana, the Renaissance Hotel will provide you with luxury and comfort.

When you and your loved one walk through the Renaissance doors, you'll be instantly charmed by the hotel's stylish design and stunning modern amenities. Get your heart rate up in the hotel's fitness center or swimming pool, or relax in the elegant room.

After a pleasant stay at the hotel, you can explore Baton Rouge. With world-class shopping, golf, plantations, country clubs and museums, there's plenty to keep you busy during a weekend getaway.


6. Dom Degasa

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (6)Of:Entgasungshaus

This 19th-century jewel has been thriving since the Civil War. After the war, as New Orleans boomed economically and became the fourth-largest city in the United States, Degas House became a symbol of the region's newfound wealth.

Today, you and your loved ones can stay at Degas House to experience the true history and culture in this B&B that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has been given a special honorable mention by the French Ministry of Culture.


7. Barrow House-herberg

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (7)Of:topteninn

Bring your loved one to the Barrow House Inn for a quirky weekend in one of Louisiana's beautiful state parks. This serene B&B offers couples the privacy they need to reunite and rekindle the fire.

Explore the many plantations in the area to experience the authentic atmosphere of Oud Zuid. Rosedown Plantation, for example, has 28 acres of formal gardens that pride themselves on embodying the essence of the real Gone with the Wind. The nearby Myrtles Plantation is considered the most haunted house in America. Take a trip and see what you're made of!


8. House of Remembrance

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (8)Of:memorial house

At Maison D'Memoire, you and your loved one capture the romance of private cottages combined with the charm of a bed and breakfast.

Upon arrival at the Maison, you will receive our very own cottage on a private lake, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, two-person Jacuzzi and a delicious full breakfast delivered to your door each morning. And if you're lucky enough to get the Sweet Surrender cottage, you and your partner can enjoy a heart-shaped Jacuzzi for two.

Relax, enjoy a romantic getaway and leave the rest to the staff of Maison D'Memoire.


9. Exalted Buchanana

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (9)Of:Buchanan exalted

In Lafayette, Louisiana, Buchanan Lofts offers guests a retreat where they feel at home away from home. This hip, retro-chic property has been transformed from a downtown warehouse into a quirky and fresh place to stay.

Enjoy the modern elegance of Buchanan Lofts, poetically blended with luxurious amenities and vibrant colors. And when you're ready to explore Lafayette, take part in the local art walk, which takes place every second Sunday night of the month, or attend one of the many events that take place daily in this vibrant city.


10. Pensjonat De Palisade

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (10)Of:palisade

Just because you're staying in the city doesn't mean you have to stick to the urban lifestyle. The Stockade Bed & Breakfast in downtown Baton Rouge is a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of Louisiana's capital city. And especially for local city dwellers, the Palisade offers the perfect oasis of calm.

On the property itself is a magnificent hacienda-style home fit for a king. While staying at the Stockade Hotel, admire eclectic period furnishings, original artwork and authentic architecture.

And in the morning, treat yourself to a traditional afternoon breakfast with hits like the eye-opening Egg Soufflé Casserole, Garlic Cheese Porridge, Sausage Cornbread Waffles, and more.


11. Jazz Districts

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (11)Of:Jazzkwartier

The Jazz Quarters Hotel is a gem in the New Orleans landscape. This iconic destination combines private cottages with royal suites to offer guests the ultimate romantic weekend getaway.

Whichever room you choose, in Jazz Quarters you and your loved one will be completely immersed in luxury. Each room brings New Orleans' Cajun culture to life with French memorabilia, luxury amenities and local artwork.

And it isn't; This hotel also prepares you for a day trip to New Orleans with a healthy dose of Creole cuisine. Start your day with authentic pancakes, a Creole breakfast wrap or Haitian bread pudding to keep you energized and hungry.


12. Cottages in the Cajun countryside

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (12)Of:Tripadvisor

Travel back to a time when life was much simpler at Cajun Country Cottages. Located on a former Magenta plantation on the edge of a five-acre lake, this romantic oasis will soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit in minutes.

Choose your own cottage, each individually decorated in Cajun country style. And because you're right on the water, you and your loved one have instant access to fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming at your doorstep.


13. Farma Maison Reve

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (13)Of:households

This maison (French translation: house) is no ordinary maison. Reve Farm is a beautiful stone mansion nestled in rural Louisiana, offering guests the perfect balance of tranquility and luxury.

Relax in a romantically decorated room full of French accents and royal furnishings. Relax at the end of the day with a glass of wine and comfort your loved one in your own Jacuzzi in your guest room. And enjoy an extensive afternoon breakfast in the morning.

To make your stay at Maison Reve Farm even more romantic, treat yourself to a massage in your room or a massage on the hotel terrace with pond.


14. Pensjonat Butler Greenwood Plantation

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (14)Of:Butlergreenwood

Butler Greenwood Plantation B&B in South Louisiana is the cream of the crop when it comes to romantic getaways in the Deep South.

Originally built in 1796, the retreat is still owned by the same family who purchased the property centuries ago. As you walk the grounds, historical details will gradually catch your eye.

Slide on the porch swing as you curl up with your loved one next to an 18th century cottage. Admire the historic pavilion with its 10-foot-tall antique stained-glass windows. Explore the impressive three-story treehouses, carved deep into the forest, with patios and fireplaces. Best of all, you can relax in peace with your loved one at this restful country guest house.


15. Fairfield place

Top 15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Louisiana - The Crazy Tourist (15)Of:marketplace

As the premier bed and breakfast in Shreveport, Louisiana, Fairfield Place is excited to offer you and your loved ones a blissful escape from reality.

When you enter Fairfield, you feel like you've entered a completely different world. Dating back to 1870, this historic hotel offers remnants of Civil War luxury around every corner. But don't worry; This hotel has upgraded every room and is now equipped with a king size bed, cable TV, DVD player, wireless internet access and all the other modern conveniences you are looking for.


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