Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (2023)

IT WAS a busy month of player turnover, from the unexpected priority signing period to last week's mega seven-man trade.

Seven players switched via the PSP, while another 31 found new homes during the transition period.

Some big names were on the way, including season 7 top kicker Jesse Wardlaw who moved to St Kilda from Brisbane, Jordan Membrey left Collingwood to return to his home state of Queensland and Courtney Jones returned to Victoria for family reasons.

AFLW TRADEEach movement of the trading period as it happened

AFLW PSPAny priority period subscription as it happened

The pros and cons of each club on the PSP and the trading period are listed below, as well as the draft picks each club keeps in the supplemental draft.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (1)

Em:Jess Allan (exchanged to GWS), Sarah Goodwin (exchanged to Port Adelaide)

For:Ashleigh Woodland (PSP para Port Adelaide), Jasmine Simmons (Trocado para Port Adelaide)

Draft picks:none

The Crows have welcomed former player Jess Allan, who is likely to help free up Caitlin Gould so she can get more minutes up front following the departure of Ashleigh Woodland. The addition of Sarah Goodwin is also helpful. Picked second in the South Australian draft last year, Goodwin is a great long-term option for midfield/wing. Meanwhile, the Jasmine utility joined Simmons Woodland in Port Adelaide.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (2)

Em:Jennifer Dunne (Dublin, Irelanda), Ellie Hampson (Gold Coast Bargain)

For:Emily Bates (PSP Hawthorn), Greta Bodey (PSP Hawthorn), Lulu Pullar (North Melbourne transfer), Jesse Wardlaw (St Kilda transfer)

Draft picks:17, 35, 40, 53

Brisbane had some significant successes during the PSP and promotional period, losing three former Australians and retaining some key young players such as Belle Dawes and Sophie Conway and also bringing in the exciting Irish Jennifer Dunne. Former Gold Coast midfielder Ellie Hampson will also add a strong body around the contest, capable of replacing the defensive pressure lost in Emily Bates.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (3)

Em:Harriet Cordner (Richmond staff), Tahlia Read (Fremantle staff), Erone Fitzpatrick (Laois, Ireland), Dayna Finn (Mayo, Ireland)

For:Lucy McEvoy (PSP a Sydney), Natalie Plane (intercambiada a St Kilda), Serena Gibbs (intercambiada a Fremantle), Brooke Walker (intercambiada a Essendon)

Draft picks:5, 9, 23, 41

While the Blues will be sad to see the back of Lucy McEvoy, whose departure was beyond Carlton's control, the arrival of Harriet Cmapper in particular will be a stabilizer for the club. Also, Irish duo Erone Fitzpatrick and Dayna Finn are sporty youngsters who should establish themselves well in AFLW. Stalwart Natalie Plane has sadly been on the sidelines in recent seasons and will have a more consistent opportunity at Saints, as will Serena Gibbs at Fremantle.

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Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (4)

Em:Tarni White (traded to St Kilda), Grace Campbell (traded to North Melbourne), Nell Morris-Dalton (traded to Western Bulldogs)

For:Chloe Molloy (PSP to Sydney), Steph Chiocci (transfer to St. Kilda), Jaimee Lambert (transfer to St. Kilda), Jordan Membrey (transfer to Gold Coast)

Draft picks:13, 14, 49

Cakes performed very well throughout the trading period. With a clear vocation to move to the youth, the signing of the talented Tarni White went unnoticed in terms of key signings. Grace Campbell will provide reliability and pressure in midfield, while Nell Morris-Dalton has the chance to become a key target 50 years from now. Like McEvoy for the Blues, the departure of Chloe Molloy was not in the hands of Collingwood, but negotiations for Steph Chiocci and Jaimee Lambert will surely be the best option for clubs and players. Jordan Membery will lose in attack but his desire to return home has been respected by the club.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (5)

Em:Brooke Brown (PSP de North Melbourne), Kodi Jacques (Trade de Richmond), Brooke Walker (Trade de Carlton)


Draft picks:45

Essendon came out of the trade and transfer phase with a firm stride. The addition of Brooke Brown will help bolster a defensive line that was a bit hollow last season and offers plenty of runs and runs at the back half. Meanwhile, Kodi bruises Jacques and hurts Brooke Walker.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (6)

Em:Serena Gibbs (changed from Carlton)

For:Janelle Cuthbertson (PSP a Port Adelaide), Amy Franklin (cambiada a West Coast), Tahlia Read (cambiada a Carlton)

Draft picks:3, 7, 21, 25, 43

The Longshoremen will undoubtedly suffer the loss of Amy Franklin, especially since they only received draft picks in return when the ideal result would be a veteran player. Janelle Cuthbertson's move to Port Adelaide looks like a real success on paper, the top defender only playing nine games out of a possible 22 last year while struggling with injury, so it's not quite the defeat it is after hearing. Serena Gibbs now has a real chance to find an AFLW level spot capable of playing at either end of the field and her greatness is much needed in Fremantle.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (7)

Em:Kate Surman (exchanged in Port Adelaide)

For:Maddy Keryk (traded to Port Adelaide), Laura Gardiner (traded to Sydney)

Draft picks:1, 30, 48

The Cats finished last season in a strong position and didn't want any particular type of player, but the addition of Kate Surman as a fragmented forward could be a coup. Low defense Maddy Keryk was left out of Dan Lowther's first pick of 21 and will find more opportunities in Port Adelaide, while Laura Gardiner trailed only Australia's Georgie Prespakis and Amy McDonald and was therefore limited for minutes in the midfield.

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Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (8)

Em:Clara Fitzpatrick (exchanged for St Kilda), Maddy Brancatisano (exchanged for Richmond), Jordan Membrey (exchanged for Collingwood), Ella Maurer (exchanged for North Melbourne)

For:Courtney Jones (traded to Richmond), Ellie Hampson (traded to Brisbane), Serene Watson (traded to St Kilda)

Draft picks:6, 10, 28, 46

Gold Coast gave up nearly a third of its roster this offseason, with four changes during the trading period. Clara Fitzpatrick is a fantastic addition on defense alongside Vivien Saad and Lauren Ahrens, while Jordan Membery will provide another reliable target up front. Losing Courtney Jones wasn't ideal, but it wasDesire to be close to your family during a difficult timeit was more important than football and the club respected that wish, while Ellie Hampson's move to Brisbane removed some of the Suns' midfield physique. The club's first draft pick, Serene Watson, will also move to Victoria.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (9)


For:Jess Allan (traded to Adelaide)

Draft picks:8, 26, 44, 52

Last season, the Giants had six players at the top of the competition on the inactive list -- Jess Allan, Bec Beeson, Fleur Davies, Isabel Huntington, Isadora McLeay and Casidhe Simmons -- so this offseason was more about team rebalance to the 30 required. . when it came to recruiting. Allan returned to his original club of Adelaide via a trade with four other players leaving via expulsion or resignation.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (10)

Em:Emily Bates (PSP Brisbane), Greta Bodey (PSP Brisbane)

For:Eliza Shannon (transferred to North Melbourne)

Draft picks:4, 22, 33

One of the big winners of this season's player movement period. The addition of Emily Bates and Greta Bodey to the Hawks will not only improve their structures on the field, but will also provide the club with excellent standards off the field. Defender Eliza Shannon also traveled to North Melbourne after playing just six games last season due to concussion issues.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (11)



Draft picks:18, 36, 54

The only changes to the Melbourne squad this season are the retirement of Daisy Pearce and the departures of Alison Brown, Maggie Caris, Sabreena Duffy and Ella Little. An impressive feat given the priority transfer deadline and the desire of other clubs for some of the Demons' stars. Instead, Melbourne kept almost the entire Premiership team together.

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Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (12)

Em:Kate Shierlaw (exchanged for St Kilda), Eliza Shannon (exchanged for Hawthorn), Lulu Pullar (exchanged for Brisbane)

For:Brooke Brown (PSP a Essendon), Grace Campbell (cambiada a Collingwood), Ella Maurer (cambiada a Gold Coast)

Draft picks:31, 51

St Kilda's fairest and best kicker is a useful addition to the North Melbourne forward line alongside Tahlia Randall, while Eliza Shannon and Lulu Pullar will help cover Brooke Brown's miss from defence. Despite being a reliable player, Grace Campbell's ACL injury has seen her slip down the midfield pecking order with the Roos, so a fresh start at Collingwood will do her good while Ella Maurer will be looking for more. chances with the Suns.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (13)

Em:Ashleigh Woodland (Adelaide PSP), Matilda Scholz (Underage Signature PSP), Janelle Cuthbertson (Fremantle PSP), Maddy Keryk (Carlton intercambiado), Jasmine Simmons (Adelaide intercambiado)

For:Kate Surman (changed to Geelong), Sarah Goodwin (changed to Adelaide)

Draft picks:2, 12, 16, 20, 34, 38

Port Adelaide has had a very solid, if very quiet, off-season. Early in the player movement phase, Power focused on recruiting a key forward, key defender and rucker and added all three. Ashleigh Woodland will join up front with Erin Phillips, an ominous combination considering the story, while Janelle Cuthbertson will join in the back row alongside Amelie Borg, Indy Tahau and Alex Ballard. In the ruck, Matilda Scholz and Jasmine Simmons will support Olivia Levicki, while Maddy Keryk's experience will be welcome at the back.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (14)

Em:Caitlin Greiser (exchanged for St Kilda), Courtney Jones (exchanged for Gold Coast), Molly Eastman (exchanged for Sydney)

For:Kodi Jacques (changed to Essendon), Harriet Cfalter (changed to Carlton), Maddy Brancatisano (changed to Gold Coast)

Draft picks:32, 50

The Tigers are another team that was very efficient at filling the gaps during periods of player movement. Some support for Katie Brennan and Stella Reid was vital following Courtney Wakefield's retirement, and Richmond has done just that with Caitlin Greiser and Courtney Jones. Molly Eastman, meanwhile, is another rebounding defender to be added to the club's roster. Any of Richmond's losers (Kodi Jacques, Harriet Cfalter and Maddy Brancatisano) are tight players in the starting 21 last year, so they would do well to play for other clubs.

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Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (15)

Em:Steph Chiocci (traded to Collingwood), Jaimee Lambert (traded to Collingwood), Natalie Plane (traded to Carlton), Serene Watson (traded to Gold Coast), Jesse Wardlaw (traded to Brisbane)

For:Clara Fitzpatrick (intercambiada a Gold Coast), Kate Shierlaw (intercambiada a North Melbourne), Tarni White (intercambiada a Collingwood), Caitlin Greiser (intercambiada a Richmond)

Design selection:24, 42

A very active trade period for the Saints led to some big changes. The addition of Jesse Wardlaw, last season's top kicker, is great, but she'll struggle as the only key forward now that Kate Shierlaw and Caitlin Greiser are out. Jaimee Lambert and Serene Watson are useful additions at center as the former is also reliable in attack and the latter in defence, but this is achieved at the expense of talented youngster Tarni White and reliable defender Clara Fitzpatrick. Meanwhile, Steph Chiocci will provide outside guidance and execution, and Natalie Plane is a great cultural addition. The outcome of a risky offseason for the Saints remains to be seen, but at this point they seem to have evened things out.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (16)

Em:Chloe Molloy (PSP de Collingwood), Lucy McEvoy (PSP de Carlton), Laura Gardiner (trocada de Geelong), Paris McCarthy (Kerry, Irlanda), Jennifer Higgins (Roscommon, Irlanda), Julie O'Sullivan (Kerry, Irlanda)

For:Molly Eastman (transferred to Richmond)

Draft picks:19, 27, 37

Sydney is another team that came out of the off-season player movement phase in a positive position. Backed by the priority signing period, the additions of Lucy McEvoy and Chloe Molloy will add some star power to the Swans' young squad, while Laura Gardiner will add depth and reliability around the ball. Manager Scott Gowans was also eyeing Ireland to strengthen his roster, with the athletic trio Paris McCarthy, Jennifer Higgins and Julie O'Sullivan likely to make a quick impact in AFLW. The only business loss, Molly Eastman, was the result of the defender's desire to return to her home state of Victoria.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (17)

Em:Amy Franklin (traded for Fremantle)


Draft picks:39

Without making too many plays, the Eagles have done well this offseason. It's a huge win to have exciting young prospect, and long-time West Coast fan, Amy Franklin of Fremantle without having to give up a player. Elsewhere, tying key young players to multi-year deals is a clear sign of the West Coast's newfound stability.

Trade Wrap: all entries and exits after the trading period (18)


For:Nell Morris-Dalton (traded to Collingwood)

Draft picks:11, 15, 29, 47

A quiet offseason for the Bulldogs, without a look until Monday afternoon on the eve of the trade deadline, is a boon for a club that has had a history of being ripped off by expansion teams. Nell Morris-Dalton will move to Collingwood for more attacking options, while locking down 27 season seven dogs will come as a relief for trainer Nathan Burke.

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