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Located in Southeastern Europe, a country deserves more attention from travelers coming to Europe. This country is Albania.

For Albania, tourism is growing steadily every year but remains one of the least visited places in Europe due to many stereotypes and misconceptions about the country.

While many of these stereotypes and misconceptions are aimed at people, thanks to movies likeout of stockAnother misconception has to do with Albania's climate.

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When travelers come to Albania they usually come here in the heat of the Albanian summer and while some LOVE it, many leave the country thinking it's too hot!

I want to show and inform you that Albania is not ONLY for summer fun and sunbathing on the beach.

In fact, summer here is my least favorite time of year in terms of weather in Albania. In fact, it's a beautiful place all year round!

When to visit Albania? Let's find out!

🧳NEED TO HAVE:Before you travel, make sure you have travel insurance.I recommend to everyonesecurity wingÖnomads of the world.

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when is the best time to travel to albania

I recommend travelers to come in all seasons except summer! There really is a reason to visit Albania and enjoy the year-round weather.

Albania is a very diverse country. There are many spectacular places to visit. From historical and UNESCO cities likeGjirokastrajDifficultto beautiful coastal towns likeSarandavon Vlora.

Then you have Northern Albania with stunning landscapes like the Albanian Alps and beautiful hilltop towns like Kruja, the historic city of Albania.

But surely you have even more doubts about the climate of Albania. Let me tell you more about the Albanian climate, especially thatAlbanian RivieraClimate!

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Weather in Albania: how is it?

The average low temperature in Albania in winter is about 1 degree.

In the south where I live (Saranda) it's always between 1 and 4 degrees warmer than in northern cities like Shkoder. We have less rain and more sunny days.

In my opinion, Albania is one of the few countries in Europe that does not have a severe winter compared to the UK, Poland and Romania.

Albania's climate makes it a great winter destination for those who don't like the cold. No matter where you are in Albania, temperatures rarely drop below 5°C in winter.

On average, the north has over 290 sunny days and the south over 325 sunny days!

Albania's climate is one of the best you can find in Europe, so I think the best time to travel to Albania is anytime.

But in case you are still wondering how exactly the weather in Albania is from season to season, I have described the seasonal weather in Albania.

So Albania is cold? Is it hot in Albania? And when is summer in Albania to know when to avoid visiting? Find out below!

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Albania Spring Weather: March 20th to June 21st

If you want to come and experience the ideal climate of Albania, I recommend you to come in spring.

This is my favorite season here and the best season for Albania in my opinion! It's starting to get warm, the flowers are blooming, and there are practically no tourists.

While spring in Albania is generally a good time to travel, March is definitely the best month to visit Albania.

I especially love the month of March in Albania. Not just because it's my birthday, but because you literally have the UNESCO sites to yourself.

Since the temperature in Albania is relatively low even in March, it is good to walk or hike in the fresh air.

As May approaches, travelers flock to Albania and in summer European tourists flock (although it's still nothing compared to Greece and Croatia!).

For many, this seems like the perfect time to enjoy Albania's warm weather.

But if you intend to venture away from it allAlbanian beaches, you will find Albania's summer temperatures overwhelming.

Come to Albania in spring if:

(Video) "Alien" - Cfare mendojne gjermanët për Shqipërinë? - The best beaches of Albania

  • How to travel anywhere without tourists
  • Like cheap prices (prices go up in summer)
  • Don't worry about bringing a sweater in the evenings as nighttime temperatures in Albania are still cool.
  • Such colorful destinations when the beautiful flowers begin to bloom and the land shines!

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Albania summer weather: June 21 to September 23

In Albania, summer is when the country comes alive for tourists. Most people think that this is the time to visit Albania and in fact 90% of people come to the country at this time.

All nightclubs, restaurants and accommodations are beginning to open their doors as many close just to open for this season. Too bad, because as I said, autumn and spring in Albania are also magical.

Then southern Albania shines and you will find places likeKsamil(called the jewel of the Albanian Riviera)absolutely full of people.

The weather in Albania in summer can be intense! While winter temperatures can be mild, summer weather in Albania is anything but!

So summer is my least favorite when it comes to discovering Albania.

Also, due to tourist demand, prices increase, sometimes even doubling. This happens not only in accommodation, but also in restaurants and bars.

If you prefer to come in summer, I recommend coming in mid or late September.

The weather in Albania in September is slightly cooler than in the hottest parts of summer and it is already significantly less crowded.

Although summer in Albania is a popular travel time, it is not the best time to travel to Albania in my opinion. If you can visit at another time I would recommend it.

💡PACKAGING NOTE:Make sure you bring one with yougood dive,water shoesja quick-drying towelFor all the beaches you are about to do!

Come to Albania in summer if:

  • Like summer heat, because in Saranda temperatures reach 40 degrees!
  • I like to party because bars and beach clubs are wide open along the Albanian Riviera.
  • You don't mind sharing the places you want to see with hordes of tourists (including cruise tourists in Saranda).
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Albania Autumn Weather: September 23rd to December 21st

Autumn for me is another best time of year to visit Albania as the crowds leave the Albanian Riviera and it starts to calm down again.

The nature is beautiful, everything is colored orange in celebration of autumn and the weather doesn't cool down until November.

For example, it's November 19th as I write this and I've only started wearing my jacket here in Saranda in the last few days!

Of course it starts to cool down a bit earlier in the interior and in the north, but in my experience the summer heat in Albania lasts until early November.

Sometimes even if you visit Albania in December it still feels like typical autumn weather.

(Video) "Alien" - Ka vizituar mbi 50 vende, por ra në dashuri me Shqipërinë - The best beaches of Albania

This means that for those who want to experience the best Albanian weather but cannot travel in spring, autumn will also hit that sweet spot.

And unlike winter, many seasonal locations are open in September and October, but you'll have them all to yourself!

Because of this, October is one of the best times to travel! The weather in Albania in October is much cooler than in summer, but still not particularly cold.

Plus, most of the tourists have left, leaving you free to enjoy the sights, restaurants, and beaches on your own.

Come to Albania in autumn if:

  • Do you like exploring places with fewer tourists?
  • Love the cheaper prices as companies are starting to cut prices in half and some are closing for this season (on the Riviera).
  • How to go on excursions, because that's a good time, because the weather in Albania is much cooler than in summer, with a lot less people.
  • Interested in exploring beautiful beaches with no one in sight. Autumn and Spring are my favorite times to explore the Albanian Riviera!

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Albania Winter Weather: December 21st to March 20th

These are definitely the best months to visit Albania if you don't like the heat. But it's also winter in Albania, it's an absolutely hidden magic time to visit the country.

But is it cold in Albania in winter? Is it snowing in Albania?

Yes! It's getting colder and there's snow all over the country - a great time for winter sports enthusiasts!

The capital Tirana is full of Christmas lights. It's actually one of my favorites due to Tirana's climate.European cities to visit in winter.

Visitors will also find absolutely deserted tourist spots, ideal for a real immersion in local culture.

Despite being cold, the climate in Albania has one of the mildest winters in all of Europe as the country is a neighboring country to Greece and we all know the Greek climate!

Along the Albanian Riveria you will find that almost all shops are closed, so be careful.

Hopefully in the future tourists can spread out over the season and demand that shops stay open!

📦PACKAGING NOTE:Don't leave home without onesolar powered batteryso you can keep your devices connected at all times.

Come to Albania in winter if:

  • Like skiing and snowboarding at a fraction of the price: places like Bigell in Dardha, Voskopoja and Boga are good to try and the accommodation is very affordable (around 40-60 euros a night in ski resorts!)
  • Do you want to exploreAmazing things to do in Tirana, the capital: Many locals come to Tirana to work after the end of the summer season, so this is where you will find the majority of the population. It's a great time to enjoy everything the city has to offer!
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Albania climate: is it for you?

I hope this article has given you an idea of ​​Albania's climate averages and that Albania is the perfect year-round travel destination.

If you can handle the summer temperatures in Albania, you will fall in love with the other seasons!

(Video) "Alien" - Zbuloni si turistët gjermanë e njohën Rivierën Shqiptare

In the future, I would like to see more tourists venturing here outside of the summer.

This is important for several reasons, including ensuring that the area is not affected by excessive tourism and to stimulate the local economy.

Businesses on the Albanian Riviera are finding it extremely difficult after the summer and many have to travel to other parts of the country to find work to get through the winter.

It would be amazing to see tourism grow here and spread to other stations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ When is the best time to travel to Albania?

For me, March is the best time to travel to Albania as the weather is still cooler, spring is nice and not much is going on yet. However, I believe that the climate in Albania is excellent in all seasons except summer. Summers are very hot but autumn, winter and spring have amazing weather. As a bonus, these are significantly less busy months as most tourists come in the summer.

✅ Is Albania a hot country?

Yes, Albania is one of the hottest countries in Europe. Albania is located on the Mediterranean Sea and has VERY hot summers and mild winters.

✅ Is Albania a cold country?

NO. As mentioned above, summers are hot and winters are mild. However, it is snowing in many cities, including the capital and mountainous regions. It can definitely get quite cold in winter, so bring warmer clothes if you plan to travel to Albania in winter.

Have you ever witnessed the wonder of Albanian weather? Or are you expecting a visit? Leave me a comment below and let me know what time of year you would like to explore Albania!

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