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LondonIt has fantastic nightlife and there are plenty of bars to choose from whether you are in central or south London. However, it can get a bit boring as all the bars offer the same thing: you have a drink, sit down and chat with your friends. And if you want to do something else? Then you need to start experimenting with activity bars in London.

Activity bars still offer drinks and a place to meet up with your friends, but they have a little something extra. Whether it's watching a show, playing an arcade game, or something even more unique like an immersive experience, they're a lot of fun.

There are also so many activity bars in London that it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That's why we've narrowed the list down to the best activity bars in London for you to choose from.

Circus London

It is in the heart of Covent GardenCircus London, a unique cabaret bar that offers a show full of acts such as contortionists, fire eaters and trapeze artists while you enjoy a good cocktail and delicious food. Prices start from £55 per person but it's sure to be a night to remember.

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skating queens

Strap on your skates and head to Hyde Park for a night at Theskating queens. For just £10.50 per person you can slide across the ice and take part in other activities such as curling and bowling. After you have eaten your fill, you can take a break at the trackside bar.

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electrically random

Get ready to start your shuffle with a visitelectrically randomon London Bridge. This bar costs just £13 per person and you can take part in the traditional game of shuffleboard whilst showing off your skills and enjoying a cold drink and great snacks.

Boliche All Star Lanes

Who doesn't love a game of bowling with their best friends?Boliche All Star Lanesin Holborn is the best place to do this as it offers fantastic drinks, endless lunches and even a bit of karaoke, all for just £7.50pp off peak and £10 in peak hours.

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A class of science fiction

Imagine walking into an escape room that turns into a bar. Good inA class of science fictionIn Southwark, wonder no more. For just £32 per person, complete a mix of quests and puzzles to defeat the robots and save humanity while sipping delicious cocktails.

putt hut

Ready to put your mini-golf skills to the test even after a few drinks? If the answer is yes, you can goputt huton Bank and enjoy the popular game with an immersive touch. It only costs £10 per person and you can enjoy great music, unique cocktails and a variety of arcade games.

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If you're a little bored with traditional bingo and want to try something new, you can go toBingoin Shoreditch, which provides a Japanese version of the game. Drinks are flowing and the competition is exciting, making this £11 activity bar in London the ultimate spot for a good night out.

Immersive Alcotraz experience

You can't visit a London activity bar without thinking about itAlcoholat Hoxton. You get a taste of prison life and go behind bars in your own orange jumpsuit. This immersive experience offers a wide range of cocktails for £36.99 per person while trying to escape from prison.

cues and balls

You can never go wrong with a board game, especially when it comes to beer. happily incues and ballsIn Stratford you can have both. This £8pp activity bar offers table tennis, table tennis and beer pong while you laugh with friends, listen to the house DJ and enjoy a slice of Well Street Pizza.

die Doodle-Bar

Calling all artists!die Doodle-BarThere's a new activity bar in Southwark so you can unleash your artistic side anywhere on the walls. While enjoying some little doodles, you can enjoy a few pints of craft beer or even a special gin and tonic. There is no fixed price but you will surely have a great time.

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six crickets

Cricket is an amazing sport and even more amazing indoors with a drink in hand.six cricketsin Fitzrovia allows you to hit a ball with one or six friends, combined with the latest technology. It only costs £6.67 per person to start playing and you'll never want to stop.

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We know you shouldn't be talking about Fight Club, but... we can't hide this from you.Fight Club Dartsin Bloomsbury you can enjoy the typical pub atmosphere but with a modern take on darts. For £8 per person you can watch replays and slow motion while enjoying a drink or two.

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golf course

This list wouldn't be complete without another golf activity bar. Exactly; you can leavegolf coursein Bishopsgate where you can use the golf simulator and practice your handicap from £15 whilst choosing from a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Rialto Backstage-Bar

If you don't want to get too immersed in the action but still want some entertainment in the Activity Bar, head to the Rialto Backstage Bar. With a £10 deposit you can hire a variety of magicians, singers, dancers and comedians right in the bar see heart of Leicester Square.

Outside N1

If you want to take a seat, you can watch the latest sporting events with a game of billiards or table tennis; then you will love itOutside N1on London Bridge. It's only £12 a set and you can grab a refreshing drink while listening to the resident DJ.

the four thieves

the four thievesis a hip London bar that has it all. For just £10 per person you can head to this pub in Clapham Junction which offers a range of the most popular arcade games. If you don't want to go hungry, you can also order a piece of pizza and a beer.


Always wanted to try Virtual Reality but didn't know where? then go toheavinessin Wandsworth Southside to experience some of the most classic games but in VR format. For just £7 per person you can enjoy a cocktail whilst taking part in entertainment such as bowling, darts and mini golf.

Four rooms

With the arcade games and some drinks and the 5 stars you really can't go wrongFour roomsThe Activity Bar in Fulham has just that. It costs £15 per person as long as you come as a couple and you can enjoy half a pizza and a drink on the house while you choose which game to play first.


You don't have to visit all the activity bars in London at night. Actually,Ostdachin Stratford in the summer it's the best place for a daytime drink. It offers games like bowling, mini-golf and baseball while enjoying the perfect summer-inspired drinks. Of course, keep in mind that this bar is only open in summer.

TOCA Sozial

You could have made it big in the world of football, but did something stop you? Why not show your skills inTOCA Sozial? At the O2, you can take part in riveting football while choosing a delicious drink from the cocktail menu. This activity bar costs £35 per person off-peak and £65 per person during peak hours.

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