Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (2023)

Coin values ​​vary with precious metals: Updated 3/13/2023: Gold 1878 $ | Silver $20.74

Minted from 1913 to 1938; the value of buffalo nickel is determined by date determination | Mint Mark | Illness. A badly worn coin with a legible date is worth much more than its face value. A series very popular with collectors, each coin is carefully graded to reveal its full potential. Follow the step by step below and find out where your currency appears in the table of values.

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (1)

Steps leading to value:

  • Step 1: Date and Mintmark Combination - Identify the date and look for the mintmarks to find the list in the table of values.
  • Step 2: Assess Condition - Using videos, images, and descriptions, assess the condition and determine the rating.
  • Step 3 - Special Characteristics - Notes are important to collectors, compare your coin to the images to see the important characteristics of these old Buffalo Nickels.

The table of values ​​shows the importance of the main elements to be identified.

Buffalo nickel value
1913 e 1938
Status da Moeda
Updated value of buffalo nickel2023
1913 Type 17,37 $$ 10$ 16$ 25
1913D Type 1$ 11$ 16$ 24$ 42
1913S Tipo 1$ 29$ 38$ 51$ 83
1913 Type 26,93 $$ 14$ 15$ 24
1913D Type 2$ 58$ 80$ 104$ 217
1913S Tipo 2$ 128$ 192$ 324$ 527
1914$ 12$ 16$ 21$ 57
1914 D$ 43$ 65$ 148$ 303
1914 S$ 19$ 32$ 57$ 139
19153,59 $6,72 $$ 14$ 50
1915 D$ 15$ 30$ 80$ 157
1915 S$ 30$ 54$ 270$ 546
19163,30 $5,20 $$ 8$ 45
1916 D$ 13$ 21$ 49$ 108
1916 S7,58 $$ 16$ 57$ 154
19173,42 $5,85 $$ 13$ 67
1917 D$ 14$ 37$ 93$ 268
1917 S$ 14$ 63$ 133$ 497
19183,81 $5,79 $$ 18$ 129
1918/17D$ 4551.270 $STRANGESTRANGE
1918 D$ 16$ 46$ 119$ 385
1918 S$ 10,62$ 42$ 68$ 654
19191,55 $$ 3,21$ 12$ 49
1919 D$ 12$ 54$ 149$ 650
1919 S5,76 $$ 38$ 137$ 407
19200,81 $2,47 $$ 13$ 49
1920 D$ 6,07$ 26$ 163$ 458
1920 S2,88 $$ 21$ 121$ 598
19212,55 $5,74 $$ 36$ 135
1921 S$ 47$ 84$ 4431.378 $
19231,30 $3,42 $$ 11$ 54
1923 S5,09 $$ 20$ 130$ 338
19241,19 $$ 3$ 16$ 65
1924 D5,84 $$ 22$ 113$ 443
1924 S$ 11$ 66$ 5092.538 $
19251,68 $4,29 $$ 16$ 50
1925 D7,58 $$ 27$ 103$ 345
1925 S2,96 $$ 16$ 102$ 475
19260,68 $1,94 $9,32 $$ 30
1926 D6,72 $$ 22$ 109$ 258
1926 S$ 16$ 55$ 374$ 5.187
19270,73 $1,84 $9,32 $$ 26
1927 D$ 2,166,45 $$ 55$ 194
1927 S1,48 $5,09 $$ 66$ 839
19280,68 $$ 2,15$ 9$ 40
1928 D0,76 $$ 3,25$ 28$ 68
1928 S0,93 $1,71 $$ 25$ 270
19290,68 $1,65 $9,53 $$ 36
1929 D0,72 $1,90 $$ 23$ 59
1929 S0,72 $1,63 $9,75 $$ 46
19300,68 $1,93 $8,45 $$ 23
1930 S0,72 $$ 2,26$ 11$ 46
1931 S$ 10$ 12$ 24$ 64
19340,66 $1,93 $$ 8,02$ 27
1934 D$ 1,083,22 $$ 16$ 37
19350,57 $1,05 $$ 2,44$ 18
1935 D0,68 $1,87 $$ 15$ 41
1935 S0,55 $1,16 $3,36 $$ 31
19360,53 $1,05 $$ 2,44$ 18
1936 D0,55 $1,05 $2,60 $$ 28
1936 S0,55 $1,05 $2,60 $$ 23
19370,53 $1,05 $2,87 $$ 17
1937 D0,55 $1,05 $2,82 $$ 18
1937 D 3 Pierna$ 237$ 336$ 5501.407 $
1937 S0,55 $1,05 $2,60 $$ 19
1938 D1,68 $2,33 $3,66 $$ 18

The above values ​​are wholesale coin values. Calculated from reseller price lists with various markup factors calculated. They accurately reflect the value you would expect when sold.

Fluctuations in value occur depending on subtle valuation points, collector demands and dealer needs.

Step 1: | The combination of date and mintmark is identified

Over the course of the series, three different bullets hit Buffalo Nickels; 1913 to 1938. All three mints produced nickel during most years. The key is identifying the date and mintage of each coin. Mint marks on the Denver and San Francisco editions identify the mint. Philadelphia did not put a mint mark on its production.

Collectors often assemble buffalo nickel sets containing all types of coins from each year. The availability and scarcity of a year and mintmark combination produce values ​​above the minimum base value.

Mintmark "S" on reverse: San Francisco Mint minted coin

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (2)

Low mintage numbers for San Francisco Buffalo Nickels make up the bulk of the year's rare edition data. A total of 118 million were hit with all years combined, the lowest of the mints. Many of the most important and valuable nickel coins are San Francisco coins.

The San Francisco Mint placed an "S" mint mark on the reverse, just under five cents. A date with the numerals clearly displayed and the mintmark “S” is a higher value nickel.

Mintmark "D" on reverse: Denver Mint minted coin

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (3)

The Denver, Colorado Mint also contributed to the number of Buffalo coins minted. With just over 225 million coins, Denver's emissions are another interesting find. The early year specimens from 1913 to 1926 are all high quality coins.

Denver put a "D" coinage mark on the back to identify its production. A surprising premium coin is the latest vintage 1938 Buffalo Nickel, all minted in Denver. The latest in the more Denver series only increases the popularity and demand for this coin among collectors.

No mint mark on reverse: The Philadelphia Mint struck the coin

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (4)

The Philadelphia Mint is the leader in the number of Buffalo nickels minted. Over the years, the main mint has circulated over 900 million nickels. Most ancient coins found today are from Philadelphia. Many collectors find these coins attractive. Accessible in the best conditions, a current date is a popular collection, creating a steady demand for all Buffalo nickels.

On the back, just under five cents; if it has no mintmark, the coin was minted in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Mint did not mint the Buffalo nickels brand.


Step 2: | Buffalo Nickels ranking status

Coin collecting is still a popular hobby today. A collection of Buffalo Nickels is an attractive pursuit for young and advanced collectors alike. Your coins can be added to a collection.

The condition restricts the range of values

The condition assessment is directly related to the value of your coin. Rare date and mint mark combinations are a start. The assessment is reduced to a narrow range of values.

Using a single light source and magnification, first check for a clear datum. The date area is embossed on Buffalo Nickels and wears out quickly. A bold date display puts your currency in the highest value areas. Tilting the coin under the light at different angles will help you find subtle details. Compare with the rating images and find the rating that most closely matches the condition of your coin.

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (5)

Mint Condition: Buffalo Nickel

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (6)

Front: characteristics that identify the quality of the relief:There is strong demand for old nickel that meets Mint State Grade standards. It is crucial that there is no wear on the surface. A few points on the coin are checked to confirm this excellent condition.

Just below the Indian's eye, his cheek is one of the highlights of the design. Any wear will show up as a color change in the metal and a softer texture. The gloss imparted during engraving is a fine-grained finish that can be easily removed when used. Assess the cheek surface to match the surrounding areas.

Consider the hair along the forehead divider to the arch that holds the feathers. The high and low areas representing hairlines are not smoothed. When expanding above and below the parting line, all surfaces have a similar texture.

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (7)

Verse: Characteristics that identify the coinage condition:The upper areas of the buffalo hide are examined for wear.

Along the top of the shoulder, where the skin meets the back, there is a sheen indicative of a mint condition coin.

In the hip area, any wear leads to the flattening of the profile and the smoothness of the metal.

Look closely at the bottom of the floor, just above "Five cents". The bottom surface and a defining bottom line remain unflattened.

Extremely fine grade: buffalo nickel

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (8)

Front: Characteristics that characterize the finest class:A bold, fully embossed date is a distinguishing feature of the Extremely Fine variety.

All date digits are clear and well raised. The last digit of the date is completely detached from the back of the tie that holds the hair braid.

A small flat area is bordered just below the eye. An outline is left with no flat area connected to the hair to the left of the eye.

The hair strands stay bold throughout, blending in with the feather is minimal.


Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (9)

Verse: Characteristics that characterize the finer grade:In general, most fur detail is preserved. Light wear has only flattened the upper areas of the skin.

A distinct line is left separating the buffalo's back, with the skin line running along the upper leg to the upper back.

The contour is kept at the hips with a well defined rise. Leveling is limited to the front leg area.

Most of the buffalo horn is visible. In well-beaten specimens, the horn is complete with a well-defined tip. To define the degree, it helps that the flat areas are small and not connected.

Fine Quality: Buffalo Nickel

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (10)

Obverse: Characteristics that identify the degree of fineness:The intense wear has started to create large flat areas on the surface, causing the coin to thin.

The first thing to judge is the date. Although used inconspicuously, all fingers must be visible. Each edition is complete. The "one" is usually very faint below, but it is separate from the "nine".

The long feather at the back of the neck is just starting to blend in with the Indian's hair. A dividing line is obvious but tenuous.

The lyrics of "Liberty" are weak. Most of the letterheads are very faint and start to touch the edge. A complete separation indicates a strong fine grain.

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (11)

Verse: Characteristics that characterize the fine grade:Evidence of a remaining horn helps identify the fine note. The top half of the horn is missing, but a strong horn base is visible.

A defining line remains, indicating the coat on the buffalo's back.

Flat areas of the head, shoulders, abdomen and hips are evident, but there are no connecting areas. Ample space is left identifying each design feature.

Good quality: buffalo nickel

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (12)

Front: Characteristics that mark the good grade:The date is readable but very faint. The definition of the degree is that the first digits "19" are readable. The "19" merges, but enough remains to identify. The last two digits of the date are better defined. A small raised area of ​​all digits is always visible.

The hair detail is missing across the center part above the braid. The flatness extends to the parting in the hair.

"Liberty" is legible but fully connected to the rim. Often the letterheads are very faint or absent.


Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (13)

Reverse: Characteristics that characterize good classification:A buffalo that was once fully delineated is now flattened.

The buffalo's head is missing most of the horn; sometimes a small base can be seen. All fur details on the head are a flat area.

Note a small connection between the buffalo's head and the edge.

Only a slight definition of the contour that separates the head, shoulders, stomach and hips remains. Large flat areas are now larger than contoured areas. A good quality buffalo nickel is usually kept with a bold outline of both indium and buffalo.

How to make the video: Buffalo Nickels Ranking

Today, dealers and collectors look for coins in good condition and with the means to acquire them. Your Buffalo Nickel value increases dramatically in the best condition of your coin. A step-by-step video highlights elements of the score.

Buffalo Nickels Ranking - How to Make Videos and Descriptions

Step 3: | Special qualities that add value

The Buffalo Nickel series started in 1913, which was hit with two different reverse versions.

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (14)

First variety: 1913 Type I represents buffalo standing on a hillside. The inscription "Five Cents" is bolded in the design along the hill. These embossed letters proved unsatisfactory, wore out quickly and did not contain the name statement.

Second Variant: 1913 to 1938 Type II A design modification incorporated the "Five cents" lettering into the mound under the buffalo. A landmark change that protects both the face value and the mint mark. This inverted Type II design continued until the end of the series in 1938. Both Type I and Type II nickels were minted and individually graded at all three mints, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

initial designer

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (15)

James Earle Fraser designed the Indian obverse and Buffalo reverse. Your initial "F" is found below the date on all Buffalo nickels.

Lower collectible quality

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (16)

(Video) Buffalo Nickel Value - Why Did This Buffalo Nickel Sell For $94,000

The discolorations took over the "look" of this nickel. Unfortunately, an abrasive was used to remove some of the paint and polish the finish. The resulting unnatural appearance has a reduced value. A collector delivers these damaged coins. Surface damage and cleaning has removed the ability to collect.

Discovery of a faded and dated buffalo nickel

Value of Buffalo Nickel | discover your worth (17)

Buffalo Nickels are an embossed design. Most elements are right above the currency field, including the date. The Indian shoulder is elevated and the date is at the top, making it one of the highest surface areas. The closest protection so far is the braid at the bottom and the knot in the hair braid at the top. Many surviving nickels have partial dates. The "19" in the date usually disappears first, leaving only a faint impression of the last two digits.

Using a single bright light and adjusting the coin's angle to the light will help identify a weak digit or two. Magnification is almost a must. The decade digit is usually barely visible, a difference in the "1" | "2" | "3" is recognizable. A weak year digit is usually the hardest to see. Slowly tilt the angle towards the light to bring out subtle details. If the identity of the date is uncertain, the coin is in good condition and value.


american currency1938 US Mint Annual Report
american currencyUnited States Coin Catalog

Coin Values ​​| CoinStudy article

date by date
Buffalo nickel in depth
1913 e 1938
























Buffalo nickel are very popular. The price of lower quality coins makes it easier for younger collectors to start collecting and enjoying the series.

They are attractive in design and price and add value. Go back and track your rising buffalo nickel levels.

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