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The US Mint has been producing US coins, including some collectibles, for over 200 years. The Mercury Dime (Winged Liberty Head) is considered by many collectors to be one of the most beautiful gemstones of all coins.

If you decide to start a collection, it's important to know that these silver coins were minted over nearly 30 years, from 1916 to 1945. While most of the older pieces are rare and in great condition, the 1941 value will always be there and still exist. it's quite modest. thanks to its high circulation.

value of the 1941 mercury dime coin

Illness1941 No. Mintmark Dime1941 D dimes1941 S dimes
intestine$ 21,99 $$ 2
Very good$ 2,572,58 $$ 2,57
BOM$ 3,11$ 3,10$ 3,11
Very good3,22 $$ 3,213,22 $
extra Fine$ 3,373,36 $$ 3,37
Australia4,79 $5,82 $4,79 $
MS607,11 $8,33 $7,11 $
MS65$ 35$ 28$ 35
test 63$ 314//

*from US coin book

History of the 1941 Mercury Dime

The Mercury coin (Winged Liberty Head) entered circulation in 1916, when barber coins passed into history. The United States Mint continued production with two interruptions in 1932 and 1933 until 1945. This interruption in mintage was a result of the global economic crisis.

Although the official name of this coin is Winged Liberty Head, it never caught on with Americans. They named the new coin the Mercury Dime because someone noticed the resemblance between Liberty's face and Mercury, the Roman god.

Adolph Weinman created young Liberty with a beautiful winged Phrygian cap on her head. Most experts believe that the wife of poet and lawyer Wallace Stevens, Elsie Stevens, was a model for the reverse of this coin.

A fasce on the back symbolized American unity and the strength of the new nation, but it was intertwined with an olive branch, an international symbol of peace. Although the design of these coins was beautiful, they were modified by the US Mint because vending machine manufacturers had trouble adapting them to these devices.

1941 mercury cents

Philadelphia1941 No. Mintmark Dime175.090.000
Philadelphia1941 proof penny16.557
Denver1941 D dimes45.634.000
San Francisco1941 S dimes43.090.000
No total/263.830.557

The 1941 Mercury Dime was hit in the first year of the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This historical significance is why collectors like this coin, even if its value is quite modest, regardless of which mint minted it.

You can expect these coins to become rare in the future as they will be prized and collected by experienced and novice collectors alike. Sometimes you can find this penny in circulation, but it is an increasingly rare case.


In 1945, the Treasury Department decided to replace these beautiful coins with a new design honoring the late President Roosevelt. However, even today, the Mercury Dime remains one of the most collectible American coins.

As these coins were not forgotten, the US Mint minted them again in 2016. It was a way to commemorate this important part of American coinage, and minting gold coins was a great way to celebrate its centennial.

Features of the 1941 Mercury Dime

The US Mint produced Mercury Dimes from 1916 to 1945, and they are considered by many collectors to be the finest American coin alongside Morgan Dollars.

A frente do Mercury Dime 1941

Adolf Alexander Weinmancreated the unique obverse that features Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap with wings on each side. However, many people confused it with the Roman god Mercury, giving the new coin a nickname that is known to this day.

The elegant design includes the word Liberty, the DATE and the letter W which denotes the creator's initials. The obligatory motto IN GOD WE TRUST is engraved on the left side of the bust collar.

The rear of the 1941 Mercury Dime

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime (rare errors, "D", "S" and no mintmark) (2)

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The relatively intricate reverse contains centrally placed bundles that symbolize unity and strength. Beside her is an ax reinforced with a bundle of sticks and wrapped in an olive branch, the international symbol of peace. Along the edge are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA inscriptions and the designation ONE DIME.

1941 mercury cents

valor nominal10 cents ($0.1)
Connection90% silver and 10% copper
coin weight0,08038 Feinunzen (2,5 g)
silver weight0,07234 Feinunzen (2,25 g)
coin diameter1.70512 inches (17.91 mm)
coin thickness0.05315 inches (1.35mm)
Randreeds (118 reeds)

Other features of the 1941 Mercury Dime

This 0.05315 inch (1.35 mm) thick silver 10 cent coin weighs 0.08038 troy ounces (2.5 g), including 0.07234 troy ounces (2.25 g) of the precious metal. Like other Mercury coins, the 1941 minted one has a fluted edge with 118 protrusions and is 1.70512 inches (17.91 mm) in diameter.

1941 Mercury Dime Value Guides

The Mercury Dime had a mintage of 263,830,557 at three mints in 1941, but the Philadelphia Mint had the incomparably higher mintage. It can recognize four types of coins, including three from regular mints and proofs made in Philadelphia.

1941 Unmarked Mercury Dime Coin

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime (rare errors, "D", "S" and no mintmark) (3)The Philadelphia mint had the largest No Mint Mark mint in 1941, producing 175,090,000 pieces that year. Although this mint produced most of the regular strike coins, its price is about the same as the other two mints.

value of the 1941 mercury dime coin

Illness1941 No. Mintmark Dime1941 D dimes1941 S dimes
intestine1,85 $1,85 $1,85 $
Very good1,85 $1,85 $1,85 $
BOM$ 2$ 2$ 2
Very goodUS$ 2,45 a US$ 2,55US$ 2,45 a US$ 2,55US$ 2,45 a US$ 2,55
extra Fine$ 3$ 3$ 3
AustraliaUS$ 3,20 a US$ 6,50US$ 3,20 a US$ 6,50US$ 3,20 a US$ 6,50
MS60US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9
MS61US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9
MS62US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9US$ 7 a US$ 9
MS63US$ 9 a US$ 1111 bis 14 $US$ 9 a US$ 12
MS64US$ 14 a US$ 19US$ 17 a US$ 22US$ 16 a US$ 21
MS65US$ 18 a US$ 26US$ 21 a US$ 2928 a 33,50 $
MS66US$ 26 a US$ 36$ 36 a $ 43,20US$ 36 a US$ 43
MS67US$ 48 a US$ 60US$ 53 a US$ 65US$ 75 a US$ 90

*the gray sheet

You can buy most outstanding pieces for between $2 and $6.50, but even the ones that are in mint condition aren't particularly valuable. Its price ranges from US$ 7 to US$ 60, depending on the class.

On the other hand, a penny high quality MS 68 made in Philadelphia during the first year of the war sold for $2,128 in 2001. That of an MS 68+ with Full Bands fetched an even better price in 2019 when a collector paid $17,625 for it.

1941 Proof Mercury Dime

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime (rare errors, "D", "S" and no mintmark) (4)


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In addition to regular mint coins, the Philadelphia Mint also produced 16,557 Mercury Dimes in 1941. These coins tend to be more valuable than circulation coins and you should set aside between $100 and $300 each.

1941 Detection of the value of the mercury dime coin

Illness1941 cents1941 CAM cents
PR60US$ 100 a US$ 120/
PR61US$ 105 a US$ 126/
PR62US$ 110 a US$ 132/
PR63US$ 120 a US$ 144/
PR64US$ 130 a US$ 156/
PR65US$ 140 a US$ 168/
PR66US$ 175 a US$ 198/
PR67US$ 275 a US$ 312,504,000 to 4,800 US dollars
PR682,300 to 3,000 US dollars/
PR6914,000 to 16,100 US dollars/

*the gray sheet

Dimes in the highest bills can be expensive, with collectors estimating their prices range from $2,300 to $16,000. However, current auction records are $4,025 for the 1941 PR 67 CAM Mercury Dime and $13,200 for the PR 69 grade specimen.

1941 D ten cent piece of mercury

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime (rare errors, "D", "S" and no mintmark) (5)

The Denver Mint made the second mint in 1941 with 45,634,000 coins produced. Although it was about a third of the number of coins produced in Philadelphia, its price is not significantly higher in today's market. You can buy most of them for between $2 and $65, depending on the condition of each piece.

1941 S Quecksilberdime

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime (rare errors, "D", "S" and no mintmark) (6)

As in most cases, the San Francisco Mint had the lowest mintage on the 1941 Mercury Dimes, producing 43,090,000 pieces. The lower grade coins are worth the same as the other two mints, but the higher grade coins are a bit more expensive.

The 1941 MS 67 mercury cents can fetch between $75 and $90. The most expensive piece in the series, however, came from this mint and won an auction record. A collector paid $28,175 for the MS 68 coin.

1941 Mercury coin error

The Mercury penny series is known for having very few imperfect coins. Therefore, among the pieces minted in 1941, you will find only one significant deviation and one error.


full bands

The full banded 1941 Mercury Dime is coveted by collectors due to the full horizontal lines on the bands on the back. Interestingly, Adolph A. Weinman's design only included these coins, but the mintage restriction prevented most of the pieces from having their original appearance.

1941 FB Mercurio Dime Wert

Illness1941 FB No. Mintmark Dime1941 FB D cents1941 FB S Dimes
MS61US$ 16 a US$ 24US$ 16 a US$ 24US$ 20 a US$ 28
MS62US$ 17 a US$ 25US$ 17 a US$ 25US$ 21 a US$ 29
MS63US$ 20 a US$ 28US$ 20 a US$ 28US$ 24 a US$ 32
MS64US$ 26 a US$ 34US$ 26 a US$ 34US$ 30 a US$ 38
MS65US$ 38 a US$ 48US$ 43 a US$ 53US$ 41 a US$ 49
MS66US$ 48 a US$ 60US$ 53 a US$ 70US$ 70 a US$ 84
MS67US$ 130 a US$ 156US$ 130 a US$ 156US$ 220 a US$ 264
MS682,600 to 3,800 US dollars1,240 to 1,400 US dollars4,000 to 4,800 US dollars

*the gray sheet

There have generally been big strikes this year, and full band pennies are quite common and cheap in an MS 67 class. Only the higher rated pieces can be more valuable.

1942 to 1941 mercury dime coin

The 1942 expired coin error has the number 2 over 1 on the reverse date as a result of duplication. In this particular case, two different dies struck a coin, probably in late 1941 when the United States Mint introduced new 1942 dies.

It is unknown why several Philadelphia and Denver pennies were minted first on a 1941 stamp and then again on a 1942 stamp. Since these pieces are collector's items, you can expect to pay around $500 for the outstanding specimen and $1,500 for the mint condition coin.

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1941 Mercury Dime FAQ

What Makes a 1941 Mercury Coin So Rare?

The last Mercury Dimes not minted in 1941 are the most valuable in the series. These coins were minted twice, with a 1941 stamp and again with a 1942 stamp. As these coins are highly collectible, you can expect to find between $500 and $1,500 each in today's market.

Which 1941 Mercury penny is worth a lot of money?

  • 1941 S MS 68 FB Mercury Dime cost $28,175 at Bowers & Merena in 2006
  • 1941 MS 68+ FB Mercury Dime cost $17,625 at Legend Rare Coin Auctions in
  • 1941 PR 69 Mercury Dime sold for $13,200 at Heritage Auctions in 2020
  • 1941 D MS 68 FB Mercury Dime was valued at Heritage Auctions in 2000 for $5,290
  • 1941 PR 67 CAM Mercury Dime sold for $4,025 at Heritage Auctions in 2006
  • 1941 S MS 68 FB PL Mercury Dime custou $ 3.840 em Heritage Auctions em
  • The 1941 MS 68 Mercury Dime was priced at $2,128 at Heritage Auctions in 2001
  • 1941 S MS 68 Mercury Dime custou $ 1.266 em Heritage Auctions em 2004
  • 1941 D MS 68 Mercury Dime sold for $423 at Heritage Auctions in 2016

How much is the 1941 No Mint Mark Mercury Dime worth?

Most circulating Mercury coins minted in Philadelphia cost from $2 to $6.50. On the other hand, you have to pay around $7 to $60 for mintmark coins, depending on the grade. Fully ringed pieces are the most valuable, and one example, rated MS 68, fetched an auction record $17,625.

What is the most expensive mercury coin?

Despite an estimated $25,000, the one and only 1919 MS 66 Mercury Dime fetched a staggering $218,500 at auction in 2000. That makes this stunningly beautiful coin the most expensive Mercury dime ever

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