Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime: Rare, Errors, Mint Marks and Tables of Values (2023)

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ed. Note: This article will be updated regularly to reflect the current price of the most valuable coins.

american cents, also known as dimes, along with pennies, are the most commonly found coin in pockets across the country. That's why they are universally recognized, valued and collected.

1941 Mercury cent values thanks toValue of a 1941 mercury dime cointo be:

1941 Mercury Dime Price Chart

mercury dime varietyMS60MS61MS62MS63MS64MS65MS66MS67MS68
P (Philadelphia)$ 8$ 8$ 9-10$ 16-17$ 20-22$ 25-28$ 35-40$ 70-115425-1.750 $
P (Philadelphia) Vollband (FB)$ 9$ 10$ 11-12$ 16-18$ 22-26$ 40-50$ 60-95$ 165-7004.000-17.500 $
D (Denver)$ 9$ 9$ 12-14$ 16-17$ 20-22$ 25-28$ 35-42$ 75-325$ 500
D (Denver) full band (FB)$ 11$ 12$ 13-14$ 18-20$ 22-26$ 40-45$ 55-60$ 140-3251.750 $
S (San Francisco)$ 8$ 8$ 9-10$ 14-16$ 20-22$ 25-28$ 45-55100-275 $1.000 $
S (San Francisco) Full Bands (FB)$ 12$ 16-20$ 26-28$ 35-38$ 45-50$ 60-100$ 215-5504.000-7.500 $
S (San Francisco) full band test as (FB PL)1.550-2.500 $4.500 $


  • 1941 Mercury cent values
  • History of Mercury Dime (aka Winged Liberty Head)
  • How do you recognize a 1941 Mercury Dime?
  • Types of Currency Tokens
  • How to Find Out the True Value of Your 1941 Mercury Dime
  • 1941 Mercury Dime - Highest Auction Prices
  • Discoveries in the 1941 Mercury Dime
  • references and sources

1941 is an important year for the United States, as it was the year they enteredSecond World War, and will last in conflict as long as the Mercury Dime, until 1945.

Although a relatively common coin, not all 1941 Mercury coins have survived to the present day due to their high mintage. That means theyhas high priorityif a specimen is specialwell preserved, as well as whether it has certain peculiarities such as full bands or versions with errors.

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History of the Mercury Dime(aka Winged Liberty Head)

since 1916,As successor to the previous dime, The Barber (1892-1916), began minting the Mercury dime.

His name comes from the resemblance of his bust to the Roman god Mercury, but he is actually a representation of freedom, and his real name would be"Ten cents of winged freedom."

It should be noted that in the period from 1916 to 1945, as in 1932 and 1933, due to theGreat Depression.

Click here for more infoMost Valuable Mercury Dimes-Serie (1916–1945).

How do you recognize a 1941 Mercury Dime?

ANDMercury 10 cent coinsOn the front is the bust of a woman representing freedom. He wears a Phrygian cap with wings reminiscent ofgod mercury, hence the nameten cents.


Around this female bust we find the legend"FREEDOM", which exactly represents the head. At the bottom left of this obverse we find the motto"WE TRUST GOD"that is so common with US coins. On the opposite side of the bust the year of issue of the coin 1941, below the anagram with the name of the designer,Adolfo Alexandre Weinman.

At the back we found some right in the middleYou will have, Aroman symbolrepresentedunity and strength, as it consists of many connected rods, suggesting that theStrength comes from this union. also theYou will haveThey are surrounded by olive branches symbolizing peace. Also in the middle, to the right of the symbol, the slogan "E. PLURIBUS UNUM” (one of many).

circle the fasciaSohnof subtitlesin a semicircle. At the top is the name of the issuing country"UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", and below the nominal value of the currency"EINS SAY".


As for hisCharacteristics, are the following:

  • weight2.5 grams.
  • Adiametervon17.9 millimeters.
  • It is made of90% platinum, it's atthe remaining 10% is copper.

Types of Currency Tokens

  • could it bethreepossiblementas:
    • Philadelphia:NOLetter from the Mint.
    • Denver: Marked byLetter D"in the front
    • San Francisco: Marked bycards"in the front

ANDmint markfound, if any,directly to the right of the word "ONE" inTrocar.

Each mint has onedifferent number of stamps, so that they can beless common:

  • Philadelphia: 175,090,000 coins minted.
  • Denver: 45,634,000 coins minted.
  • San Francisco: 43,090,000 coins minted.

NormallyPhiladelphia is most commondo1941mercury cents, jDenver and San Francisco are the closest, and so mostof value.

How to Find Out the True Value of Your 1941 Mercury Dime

ANDhigher the gradethe older thethe price increasesexponential because it is a very important factor. US currencies are generally calmabundant in medium degrees, so a small difference in touch can make itVery rare. A year with less circulation makes higher grades even rarer.

Aknow the state of conservationof the currency we want to own or buy, we must have aexpert eyewhich we can hardly acquire without time and experience. So it's not a bad idea to use aGTP(third-party rating services).These are companies dedicated to grading and grading our coins based on their condition. You tooconfirmedANDauthenticityand encapsulate the coinsecurity reasons, both for its preservation and forto facilitateesOffer.

1941 Mercury Dime - Highest Auction Prices

Mercury Dime Full Bands (FB)

AND1941 mercury dime coinis quite abundant, but there is aDetailthat cangreatly increase its price.

We can take this as a referenceKomplette 1941 Mercury Dime Bandsof the Denver Mint grade MS68, which sold for1.320 $not prestigiousestate auctionsAuction house in 2021.


About itTrocar, as we saw before,the fasciait could bevaluedand we see that there are some"Bands' that fasten the wooden posts.There are 3 series of tapes., top, middle and bottom of pole beam.

we have to look at thiscentrala, there inMost mid-bands and Mercury cents are "fused", that is, it is not possible to distinguish that there are two separate ligaments joining the fasces in the middle. In case the two clearly differ, it is called a Mercury dime full band.

Naturally,This detail is only noticeable on high quality coins., as due to wear it is possible that it was originally a full band, but was indistinguishable.

Highest auction price for 1941 Mercury Dimes

Againdiversityauction pricequalification
1941PR67 KAMEE4.025 $PR67

1941 mercury resistant coin

Collectors have always existed, and for them these were here.special coins, PROOF editions.

to testCoins are particularly well minted as they receive a special finish from treatments in the minting process. The result is impressiveBackground mirror and its quality, usually MS65 or higher if kept in good condition.

no case of1941 mercury dime coin,16,557 of them were made at Philadelphia, the mint responsible for the proof until 1968.

The price of test usually biggerthan for normal coins, with the exception of some exceptional examples, i.e. with values ​​MS66, MS67 or MS68.

ANDbravuraindividually1941 mercury resistant coinits between$ 160j$300. However,Specimens with special features can far surpass them. A good example is this one from 1941.Mercury PR67 CoinsThumbnailauctionedpor Heritage Auctions para4.025 $.

ANDThumbnailFace value is given to coins that have a matte appearance on the coin as seen in the image.

Discoveries in the 1941 Mercury Dime

Collecting silver pennies isvery interesting and remarkable, as well as quite affordable for an average collector. In addition, Merkurgoschen from the Second World War era are specially collected, starting with this one from 1941.

(Video) 1943 US Dimes Worth $15,000-$20,000 - United States WWII 10 Cent Coins

In general, the mercury dime is a coin that appears to beholds its value very welland it's straightincreasing over the years, so it is advisable to buy some exceptional specimens as an investment.

Continuing the collection is easy with the Mercury Dime. We have from 1916 toforge an extensive collection. The cost of a full collection per year in MS63 quality would be somewhere in the middle$ 3.194j$ 3,367according to the PCGS. However, we can extend this to years and bullets to create a large collection.valor superior a $ 30.000.

Depends on taste and budget, we can even include some variants or versions of full bands, doubling the budget.

We believe it is necessary to remember that the coinsmust not be cleanedIn any case, as it is common for silver coins to remain shiny, this will remove their original patina, making them less valuable to collect.

If the coin is full of dirt and there is a suspicion that it may have economic value, it is best to do so.Consult a professional numismatic dealer.

references and sources

Value of the 1941 Mercury Dime: Rare, Errors, Mint Marks and Tables of Values (5)

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