Watch Premier League Soccer: Liverpool vs Aston Villa live stream from anywhere (2023)

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Jürgen Klopp's Reds are aiming for an eighth straight win as they try to keep their top-four hopes alive.

Watch Premier League Soccer: Liverpool vs Aston Villa live stream from anywhere (2)
Watch Premier League Soccer: Liverpool vs Aston Villa live stream from anywhere (3)

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(Video) Matchday Live: Liverpool vs Aston Villa | Build-up to Reds' final home game of 2022/23

Saturday's selection of England's Premier League fixtures looks set to see the two formidable teams collide at Anfield with European hopes of Liverpool and Aston Villa on the line.

The hosts hope to keep their small hopes alive with a meeting with their perennial rivals Man United, as fifth-placed The Reds look for the last spot in the Champions League qualifiers. Jürgen Klopp's men have had an outstanding seven-fight winning streak at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Aston Villa are eighth in the Premier League and will look to cap off their revival under Unai Emery with a Europa League place ahead of Brighton and Spurs.

In this match, old Liverpool stars Roberto Firmino and James Milner bid an emotional farewell to Anfield. Both players are expected to play their last home games with the Merseyside club.

Below we present the bestLive TV streaming servicesso you can follow the match live from anywhere in the world.

Watch Premier League Soccer: Liverpool vs Aston Villa live stream from anywhere (4)

Liverpool vs Aston Villa: when and where?

Liverpool take on Aston Villa at AnfieldSaturday May 20. The start is at 3:00 PM. UK BST local time(10am ET, 7am PT in the US and 1am AEST on Sunday, May 21 in Australia).

Here's how to watch Liverpool vs Aston Villa online from anywhere with a VPN

If you can't watch the game locally, you may need another way to watch the game - this is where a VPN can come in handy. A VPN is also the best way to avoid ISP throttling on game day by encrypting your traffic. It's also a good idea if you're traveling and connected to a Wi-Fi network and want to add an extra layer of privacy to your devices and logins.

With a VPN you can virtually change your location on your phone, tablet or laptop to access the game. Most VPNs like oursEditors' Choice, ExpressVPNMake it really easy.

Using a VPN to watch or stream sports is legal in any country where VPNs are legal, including the US, UK, and Canada, as long as you have a legal subscription to the service you're streaming. You need to make sure your VPN is set up correctly to prevent leaks: While VPNs are legal, the streaming service can terminate the account of anyone they believe is bypassing properly applied access restrictions.

Looking for other options? Be sure to check out other great productsVPN offershappening now.

ExpressVPN is currently our VPN of choice for people who want a reliable and secure VPN that works across a wide range of devices. It usually costs $13 a month and you can do itSign up for ExpressVPN, save 49% and get three months of free access- that's $6.67 per month - if you buy an annual plan.

Keep in mind that ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

(Video) Chelsea vs. Liverpool Livestream: How to Watch Premier League Soccer From Anywhere

Live broadcast of the match Liverpool - Aston Villa in the USA

This EPL game continueshate. You need a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus account to watch the match live.

The streaming service NBC Peacock offers access to many Premier League football matches throughout the season. To live stream games, you need to log in with a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus account. For a limited time, you can sign up for Peacock Premium at a 60% discount, bringing the monthly cost down to just $2 (or even less for an annual statement).

Live broadcast of the match Liverpool - Aston Villa in Great Britain

As a result, no broadcaster has the right to broadcast this match live in the UKtraditional Saturday blackout at 3:00 PMwhich currently bans the broadcast of matches in the region in order to protect viewers throughout the English football pyramid.

(Video) Liverpool vs Aston Villa - 22/23 Premier League - PS5™ Full Match & Gameplay

It also means that if you're traveling around the UK for holiday or business, you probably won't be able to watch the match as you normally would at home due to geo-blocking.

However, there is a way around this. ThroughVPNAs explained above, you can set the location to the country where the game is broadcast and proceed from there.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa match live stream in Canada

To live stream this EPL match in Canada, you need to subscribe to FuboTV Canada. The service has exclusive rights for the current Premier League season.

FuboTV is the go-to place for Canadians looking to watch the Premier League this season with exclusive streaming rights to every match. It costs CAD 25 per month, but you can save some money by paying quarterly or annually.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa match live stream in Australia

Down Under football fans can catch this EPL match on streaming service Optus Sport, which is live streaming every Premier League match in Australia this season.

With exclusive live coverage rights to every EPL match this season, as well as matches from Germany's Bundesliga and Spain's La Liga, streaming service Optus Sport is of particular interest to Australian football fans.

If you're already an Optus Network customer, you can get Optus Sport at a discounted price, with discounts bringing the price down to just AU$7 per month. If not, a standalone monthly subscription to the service starts at $25.

See Optus Sports

(Video) Liverpool v Aston Villa Live | Full Time Reds

Quick tips for streaming the Premier League with a VPN

  • With four variables in mind - ISP, browser, video streaming provider and VPN - your experience and success with EPL game streaming may vary.
  • If the location you want isn't listed as ExpressVPN's default option, try "Browse by City or Country".
  • If you're having trouble receiving your game after turning on your VPN and setting up a good viewing area, there are two things you can try as a quick fix. First, sign in to your streaming service subscription account and make sure the address registered to your account is the one in the correct display area. If not, you may need to change the physical address stored in your account. Second, some smart TVs - like the Roku - don't have VPN apps that you can install directly on the device. Instead, you'll need to install a VPN on your router or whatever mobile hotspot you're using (such as your phone) so that every device on the Wi-Fi network now appears in the correct viewing location.
  • All of our recommended VPN providers have helpful guides on their homepage to quickly install a VPN on your router. In some cases, after installing a cable sports app, Smart TV services may ask you to confirm a numeric code or click a link that will be sent to the email address registered with your Smart TV. A VPN on your router also helps here, as both devices appear to be in the correct location.
  • And remember, despite using a VPN, browsers can often reveal your location. So make sure you use a privacy-focused browser to sign in to your services. We usually recommendIn bold.


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