What are the Air Force's entered works? (2023)

Startair forceThe inserted works are called "AFSCS" or "Air Force Specialty Codes".AFSCS (Registered Works)In the following general categories:

  • The operation
  • Maintenance and Logistics
  • Support
  • Doctor and dentist
  • Legal and Chaplain
  • Finance and Attitude
  • Special research

AFSCS "career fields" are even more designated in these categories. A professional field can have a designated AFSC or several. AFSC with similar functions is divided into the same professional area.

The operation

1st - crew operations:Things within crew operations include solving all types of problems an aircraft can make its mission cannot perform. Cabelos such as the configuration of air system devices that include computer systems, radar and radio systems,, as well as system process monitoring activities. Follow.a Follow.A full list of AFSCS for the crew operational running field:

  • 1a0xx in tank flight
  • Flugingenieur 1A1xx
  • 1a2xx aircraft master
  • Missionary System in Air 1A3XX
  • 1A4XX Air Operations
  • 1a7xx Air Gunner
  • Cryptological linguist 1a8xx
  • 1a9x1 special missions aviation

1b - Cyberspace -Nenfeld:As part of the cyber war, this professional field works with surveillance, struggle, report and network management systems. The goal is to protect data and network systems in addition to passive defense measures. Some operations also support intelligence.

  • 1B4XX Cyberspace Defense Operations

:The professional area of the control and control system implies aerospace monitoring and the detection of aviation vehicles, including rocket alert systems, this professional field includes CCT, TACP and Air Protection and Race Control, field controller helpField in the planning and operation of the air tactic mission and delivered the impressive strike control as a preliminary replacement for advanced air controllers under emergency conditions.

  • Aviation Resource Management 1C0XX
  • 1c1xx air control
  • Combat control 1c2xx
  • Order item 1c3xx
  • 1C4XX Tactical Air Control Party
  • 1c5xxCcommand and Control Fill Management Operations
  • Space Systems Operations 1C6XX
  • 1C7XX Aerodrome Management

1N - Intelligence:All forms of military secret services are collected, analyzed and processed in order to support the fight against operations for their work accurately and precisely in registration and recognition of goals.

  • Operations Intelligence 1N0XX
  • 1N1XX Geospace Intelligence
  • Signal Intelligence Analyst 1N2XX
  • Cryptological Language Analyst 1N3XX
  • 1N4XX Network Intelligence Analyst

1P - crew equipment:Manage experts in crew equipment, inspections, maintenance and lead adjustments and programs, awarded crew equipment (AFI), crew chemical equipment (ACDE), associated deliveries and active inventories.They are support for the life of the aircraft.

  • 1 POXX AIRPREW Flight Equipment

1S - Security:This is not an input level work and requires a mature and experienced plan and the management and implementation of security programs. This professional area will also analyze the causes and trends of accidents and evaluate the risk. They also offer risk management consultations.and combination, as well as security education.

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  • Security 1S0xx

1T - Crewschutz:These special pilot girls help to train and save pilots in Serr's training programs and part of the Special Operations Command with Parensa Aviores. Lema "so that others can live."

  • 1T0xx survives, dodge, resistance and escape
  • 1t2xx pararescue

1u - non -mannack aerospace systems(Which):As a member of the Mission team, UAS sensor operators perform tasks on unmanned aerospace systems. You use air sensors in manual or computer -assisted modes to buy, follow and monitor active and/or passive objects of air, sea andterrestrial.

  • 1U0XX Career -RPA Sensor Operator

1W - climate:Use a complete series of outside and usable climate sensors to measure and evaluate atmospheric and spatial weather conditions, observation, draw and spread data and weather information.


Maintenance and Logistics

2a - Aerospace Authority:Maintenance holders serve and monitor aviation equipment functions and activities. A focus on operational success requires inspections, repairs, maintenance and service of aviation and support equipment (SE).

  • 2a0xx tests and aircraft components
  • 2a3xx aircraft systems
  • 2a5xx aerospace care
  • 2A6XX Air and Space Drive
  • 2A7XX Aircraft Metal Technology

2E -Manitation of Systems with -C / Wise:These highly qualified pilots are fundamental to the internal functioning of all electronic and computer systems that illuminate and control the numb and non -manned aircraft.

  • Satellite systems, broadband and telemetry 2e1xx
  • 2e2xx network infrastructure systems
  • 2E6XX Communication Cable and Antenna Systems

2F - Burning signal:Maintenance, storage, quality, safety and fuel filling devices should work properly so that the air force operation performs missions.

2G - Logistic plans:Move teams and people in a place require detailed organization and attention to perform operations around the world. These planes are some of the well -trained and highly organized people in the army.

:Maintenance specialists in this professional field monitor, operation and monitoring of console operation, error visualization panels and other devices. Technical these are monitored by the condition of rockets, UAV, reinforcements, useful loads, subsystems and support devices.

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2P - Precision measurement:Airmen in this professional area are responsible forTTest, measurement and diagnosis devices(TMDE), InkluidoRelate of the Precision Measurement Device (PMEL)You check, straightening, solve the problems and repair the pumen patterns.

2R - Maintenance Systems:This professional area ensures that everything works and is planned for routine maintenance before it doesn't work.Systems types are aviation, age, ammunition, rocket, space systems and support systems associated with maintenance phases.

  • 2R0XX Maintenance Analysis Management
  • 2R1XX Maintenance Production Management

2s - MaterialManagement


  • 2T0xx Traffic Management
  • 2T1XX Vehicle Operation
  • 2t2xx air transportation
  • 2t3xxVehicle maintenance

:The maintenance, storage and repair of high weapons and ammunition systems is the work in which this career field focuses on military operations.


3rd - Information Management

3C - Communication Systems - Computer:

  • 3C0XX Communication Communication Systems
  • 3C1XX information system technology
  • 3C2XX Network Integration

3D - Cyberspace support:Cyberspace aviars manage the planning, coordination, sharing and control of company data assets. Outstanding or use of metadata data vocabulary and catalog that allows access, labeling and data research, regardless of physical location, media, origin,owner or other definition resources

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  • 3D0XX Knowledge Operations Management
  • 3D1XX customer systems

3E - Civil Engineering System:Construction structures, houses, as well as water and fuel systems, as well as the elimination of explosive ammunition are some of the many works done by Air Force engineers.

  • Alaxx I am not
  • 3E6XX Operational Management
  • Explosive Artillery Elimination 3E8XX
  • 3E9XX Emergency Management

3M - Services

3N - Public Affairs:Any announcement or press release of the Air Force is created by experts in public affairs. They were in multimedia communication methods of impressions, video, audio and internet / digital and all media forms, public affairs allow the air force to controlAir Force. The message and updates the public.

  • 3N0xx public affairs
  • 3n1xx Banda regional
  • 3n2xx Premier Band

3p Security Forces (Military Police):The Military Police retreates, protects and predict all teams, people on the basis around the world.

3S - Mission support:The team and the workforce are part of a large organization.Experts to support the outlet ensure that military crew requirements are met and updated with the necessary training and jobs.

  • 3s0xx personal
  • 3s1xx equal opportunities
  • 3S2XX Training and Training
  • 3s3xx workers

Doctor and dentist

CHA -B - Doctor:Medical advantages for all military members require highly qualified Army members to be qualified in medical interventions. This professional area helps medical medicals, nurses and hospital administration with their tasks and is the backbone of the military medical system.

  • Health Services Management 4a0xx
  • 4a1xx medical care
  • 4a2xx biomedical equipment
  • 4B0XX Bioenteing Engineering
  • 4C0XX Mental Health Service
  • 4D0XX Diet Opherapy
  • 40xx cardiopulmonary work
  • 4m0xx aerospace and space and operational physiology
  • 4n0xxAerospace Medical Service
  • 4N1XX Surgical Service
  • Farmacia 4p0xx
  • 4R0XX DiagnoseBilder
  • 4T0XX Medical Laboratory
  • 4v0xx Ophthalmic

4Y - Dental:Each plane has medical and dental attention.These are members of the health professions they offer all members of oral and dental care.


5J - Paralegal:JAG officers prepare large amounts of paperwork for their cases.

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5R - Kaplanassistent:Religious services are also part of military life when members explain the services provided by the Air Force and their assistants.


6C - Configuration:The government and the contractor advise hiring experts in questions related to data configuration on marketing trends, sources of delivery and commercial information.

6F - Financially:Financial technicians represent money, checks and other negotiable instruments. They pursue commitments and obligations, payments and fees, as well as financial consultant for commanders and resource managers.

Special research

7S - Special Research (OSI):This is an advanced professional career that does not represent an entry position.

Special Tasks

Special tax tasks are usually works that a member performs temporarily and works outside his normal AFSC. When the special service tour is completed.

8x - Special Service Identifiers:There are many AIDS inside the Air Force. Postal service, recruitment to honor the guards through ceremonies, there are work in the Air Force that require special training.

  • Professional Assistance Advisor 8a1xx
  • 8a2xx ayiste entered
  • Military Training Teacher 8B0XX
  • Military Training Manager 8B1XX
  • 8b2xx Military Training Academy
  • 8C0XX Aviator Preparation Center/Family
  • 8d0xx strategic
  • 8f0xx First Sergeant
  • 8G0XX Honor Guard
  • 8h0xx Bedroom Leader of the plane
  • 8m0xx Postal
  • 8p0xx Kurier
  • 8p1xx Defense
  • 8R0XX included adhesion recruiter
  • 8r2xx Second Recruiter
  • 8R3XX Third Recruitment Agent
  • 8T0xx Professional Military Education Instructor

9x - Special Report Identifiers:Throughout his career, special codes are granted from start to finish in some of the higher areas and responsibilities, in order to identify the condition of aircraft.

  • 9a0xx Espere
  • 9a1xx are awaiting control resentment factors
  • 9a2xx is waiting for download, separation and retirement for reasons under your control
  • 9a3xx is waiting for download, separation, retirement for reasons outside your control
  • 9C0XX Sergeant Master Head of the Air Force
  • 9d0xx Bedroom Gerente
  • 9e0xx Mestre Sergeant Command
  • 9f0xx First Aviator Center
  • The Superintendent of the 9G1XX Group
  • 9J0XX Prisoner
  • 9L0XX Interpreter/Translator
  • 9p0xx patient
  • 9R0XX Civil Air Patrol-USAF Reserve Assistance NCO
  • Specialist for Scientific Applications 9S1XX
  • 9T0xx Airman Basic inserido
  • 9T1XX Official Apprentice
  • Cesionario 9t2xx pre-cadete
  • 9Woxx Wounded Guerrero

The Air Force offers a variety of jobs for all skills.The maximum is highly technically and requires an ASVAB value above average compared to other services.

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