What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (2023)

With the trade deadline now officially in the rear view mirror, virtually every club has been looking to improve their short- or long-term prospects.

Stars traded clubs and draft hands significantly improved or eliminated in one of the wildest trade periods in recent history.

This is what each club did in the 2022 negotiating period, including all the players and teams that changed hands.

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2nd round

AFLMärz 23 19h20 AESTCarltonGeelongMATCH CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (1)

$ 2,60

$ 1,50


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFLMärz 24 19:55 AESTBrisbaneMelbourneParty Center
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (2)

$ 2,05

$ 1,77


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFL25. 13:45 de marzo AESTCollingwoodPort AdelaidePARTY CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (3)

$ 1,55

$ 2,45


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFLMärz 25 19h25 AESTBulldogsSt KildaMATCH CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (5)

$ 1,50

$ 2,60


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFLMärz 25 19:30 AESTFremantleNorth Melbourne PARTY CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (6)

$ 1,15

$ 5,50


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFLMärz 26 13:10 AESTSídneyHawthornMATCH CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (7)

$ 1,08

$ 8,00


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*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFL March 26 3:20 PM AESTessendonGold Coast PARTY CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (8)

$ 1,57

$ 2,40


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


AFLMarzo 26 6:20 p.m. AESTCosta oesteGran oeste de SydneyMATCH CENTER
What your club has done in this AFL negotiating period: any player, selection and distribution (9)

$ 2,05

$ 1,77


*Rates current as of March 23, 2023 7:01 p.m. m. AEST


LAST TRADING DAY PODCAST -24 hours to go, Grundy gone while Cats cash

adelaide ravens

GOT Izak Rankine, pick #46 and future fourth-round pick - GOT #5, future third-round pick and future fourth-round pick

GOT Future 3rd Round Pick - HANDS Billy Frampton

Summary:It took some time, but Adelaide finally got their man in Izak Rankine, signed him to a three-year contract and effectively gave him No. 5 and a future third-round pick. It's a milestone for the Crows and Rankine is looking forward to it, but the best season of his career in 2022 has set him up for 2023 and beyond. Billy Frampton also made it to Collingwood while Matt Crouch stayed on.


GOT 2nd round comp pick (trade, #35) to Daniel McStay for Collingwood

GOT Pick #21 & Giants 2nd Round Pick - GAB Pick #15

GOT Picks #25, 36 & 56 - DEU Tom Berry, Pick #46 and a future second-round pick (shared with GWS)

GOT Jack Gunston - GOT the #48 pick and a future fourth-round pick

GOT Josh Dunkley, future 3rd-round pick, future 4th-round pick (concurrent with Melbourne) - GIVEAWAY Pick #21, future 1st-round pick, future 2nd-round pick, future 4th-round pick (concurrent with Geelong)

Summary:Arguably the Lions landed the biggest fish in the last 15 minutes of the trade time madness as Josh Dunkley landed the club as if a couple of picks had changed hands now they likely have few points left to even up to Will Ashcroft and Jaspa Fletcher. They also closed the deal for Jack Gunston, which will ensure the Lions 50 forward is one of the most dynamic in the AFL next season. Tom Berry's departure helped them strengthen their draft hand.


GET Blake Acres – NEXT Round 3 Pick AVAILABLE

GOT third-round comp pick (currently #49) to Liam Jones for Western Bulldogs

GOT Future Round 4 Pick - AVAILABLE Will Setterfield & 68th Pick

Summary:It's a smart deal for the Blues to get a player they desperately needed in exchange for a relatively low pick. Blake Acres may not be a name to get things going, but he is someone who will significantly buff the Blues Wing Brigade and strengthen an area that needs strengthening. Will Setterfield will continue his career at Essendon after completing a deal that secured Paddy Dow's future with the Blues.

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GOT Bobby Hill and Pick #40 - GOT Pick #43 and a future second-round pick available

GOT Daniel McStay as an unrestricted free agent

GET Option 27 - AVAILABLE Brodie Grundy

GOT Billy Frampton - NEXT 3rd Round Pick AVAILABLE

HAVE Tom Mitchell and choose No. #25; give up ollie henry, choose no. #41 and choose #41. #50

Summary:Collingwood was a major player in this year's trading period and a lot revolved around his moves. They struck two deals with Bobby Hill and Daniel McStay before sending Brodie Grundy to Melbourne. The two teams had argued over Grundy's value at the negotiating table, but the Magpies eventually relented, to the letter, accepting pick 27. As Grundy moved on, the Pies turned their attention to their other priorities, including Billy Frampton, who edged out the Crows for a future third-round pick. They ended their trading spell by moving Ollie Henry to Geelong in a three-way trade with Hawthorn, acquiring Tom Mitchell and Pick 25.


GOT Will Setterfield und Pick 68 – VERFÜGBAR Fourth Round Future Pick

HAVE Swans Election 37 and Futures Fourth – Hand over Aaron Francis and Election 42

GOT Sam Weideman y Picks 57 y 72 - DAR Pick 37

Summary:Roster coach Adrian Dodoro admitted early in the trade period that the team trailed for eighth from a trade perspective due to the delay in naming a head coach. They were hard on Jack Bowes and chose Suns number 7, but in the end he chose Geelong. They narrowly pinned Will Setterfield at the negotiating table, giving them the chance in 2023 to strengthen their midfield and oust him from his wing position at Carlton. They dropped one top 10 pick from 2015 and added another, with Aaron Francis coming to Sydney and Sam Weideman from Melbourne. The latter can help Peter Wright and Harry Jones on offense. They had been interested in Toby Bedford and Bobby Hill for the last 12 months but both chose to play elsewhere.


GOT Future 3rd Round Pick - SAID Blake Acres

GOT Future second-round pick, Future third-round pick, and One Future fourth-round pick - GAVE AWAY Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker, and One Future third-round pick

Josh Corbett GET - NEXT Round 4 Pick AVAILABLE

I HAVE Luke Jackson, picks #44 and #67: Available pick #13, future first-round pick and future second-round pick

GOT Pick 30, Future Second Round Selection – GAVE AWAY Rory Lobb

GOT Jaeger O'Meara - DELIVER Lloyd Meek, future second round pick

Summary:Fremantle got their man in Luke Jackson, giving up two first-round picks and an upcoming second-round pick. It's a high price, but it should have plenty of time to prove itself worth it. Rory Lobb got his wish by being traded to the Western Bulldogs, despite having a year to go before his existing contract with Dockers expired, despite Fremantle having played hardball against Lobb originally. They also brought in Hawthorn midfielder Jaeger O'Meara, Sun underdog Josh Corbett, and traded Blake Acres, Griffin Logue and Darcy Tucker, strengthening their hand in the 2023 draft.


GOT Tanner Bruhn - SAID First Round Pick (aktuell #18)

GOT Pick #25 - GAVE AWAY Pick #38, 48 and 55, a future second-round pick and a future fourth-round pick

GOT Jack Bowes and Picked #7 - HANDS Future 3rd Round Pick

HAVE Ollie Henry - AVAILABLE Cooper Stephens and choose #25.

Summary:The Cats continue to improve even after a Premiership win. They brought in Tanner Bruhn, Jack BowesmiPick #7 – The last two on the same payroll eviction. Then, on deadline day, they also signed Collingwood's Ollie Henry for Pick 25 and Cooper Stephens, while Hawthorn was involved in a three-club trade. That means they'll start 2023 with four new top-20 picks on their roster, and they're clearly in the best hands with things. Esava Ratugolea was ultimately not traded to Port Adelaide.


GOT Ben Long and a future fourth-round pick - GAVET the #32 pick

GOT Tom Berry selects #46 and a future 2nd round pick (level with GWS) - GAVE AWAY picks #25, 36 & 56

GOT Future Round 4 Pick – SAGTE Josh Corbett

GOT Future Third Round Selection - MADE Jack Bowes AVAILABLE and pick #7

Summary:The Suns' decision to trade Jack Bowes along with No. 7 was strange on the surface, but the club insists on leaving room to fix its player compensation system and hopes to attract big names for years to come. Bowes' heavily endorsed contract and erratic roster spot meant the Suns wanted to move him. Josh Corbett is another who has more opportunities elsewhere in Fremantle, while Jeremy Sharpe. Tom Berry comes for a small price.


I HAVE pick 43 and a future 2nd round pick - DRIVE to Bobby Hill and pick 40

GOT picks 12 and 19 – GER Tim Taranto

EARNED Pick 15 - UP Pick 21 and a future second round pick

GOT pick 18 - DISPONIBLE Tanner Bruhn

GOT Toby Bedford - AVAILABLE Option 44

GOT picks 1, 53 and 57 - GAVE AWAY picks 3, 12 and future Collingwood runner-up

GOT chooses 31 first and future Richmond - SAID Jacob Hopper and chooses 53 and 63

Summary:It's been a busy negotiating period for the Giants and they have an absolutely stacked draft hand. They used it to trade pick 1, which was likely targeting forward Aaron Cadman, and still had other first-round picks to play with. Toby Bedford will step in and try to fill the small void left by Bobby Hill. They've lost some talent to rival clubs with the arrival of Tim Taranto and Jacob Hopper at Richmond, but they're going through a bit of a restart under new manager Adam Kingsley and the hope is that their salary cap issues have been ironed out by now. . They were also, perhaps surprisingly,Interested in Hawks midfielder Jaeger O'Meara, 28but he preferred to move to Fremantle.


GOT Karl Amon as an unrestricted free agent

WON Pick #48 and a future fourth-round pick - MADE Jack Gunston available

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GOT Lloyd Meek, Future Second Round Selection - DEU Jaeger O'Meara

Call Cooper Stephens, dial 41 and dial 50 - DELIVERY Tom Mitchell

Summary:The Hawks initially played very low-key things during this trade period, but ultimately made several big plays on deadline day. These included Jaeger O'Meara and Tom Mitchell, who moved to Fremantle and Collingwood respectively, and obtained the young Geelong Cooper Stephens as part of a three-way deal with Ollie Henry. Karl Amon is a bit of a recruiting savvy as he is an unrestricted free agent while Jack Gunston joined Brisbane.


GOT Third-Round Compensation Pick (of the turn, #52): GOT Jayden Hunt as an unrestricted free agent

GOT pick No.27 - GAVE AWAY picks No.33, 43 y 53

GOT Pick #44 (cambiado a Fremantle) – DISPONIBLE Toby Bedford

GOT Pick #13, Future First Round Pick, Future Second Round Pick - DELIVER Luke Jackson, Pick #67

GOT Brodie Grundy - AVAILABLE Option 27

GOT Pick 37 - DEU Sam Weideman con picks 57 y 72

DONATED to Josh Schache - his future room

HA donated to Lachie Hunter - his future third

Summary:The Dees effectively trade Ruckman for another, with the absence of Luke Jackson tempered by the arrival of Brodie Grundy. Acquiring the All-Australian double and only dealing pick 27 is a steal on paper, though it's important to remember that the Dees get a cut of Grundy's salary. As a result, they have a great draft hand this year and next, and probably a short-term upgrade in the ruck squad. Jayden Hunt wanted more senior playing time and he's getting it with the Eagles. Toby Bedford is a loss considering how he built, but they used the spike as part of a deal with Jackson, so he didn't go to waste. Josh Schache is a cheap replacement for Sam Weideman and can also return on defense, and Lachie Hunter is also a useful addition to add some class to the wing.


GOT Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker and a future third-round pick - OFFERED a future second-round pick, a future third-round pick and a future fourth-round pick

GOT pick 2, 3, 40, 43, Porto's future first - DEU Jason Horne-Francis, pick 1 and Freo's future third

Summary:Last year's Pick 1 and this year's Pick 1 have gone in one of the biggest deals in AFL history, with Pick 2 and 3 plus a Future First in return. It's a big bet for the Kangaroos, but now they have more opportunities in the draft. One of these picks 2 or 3 is used to replace Jason Horne-Francis after his requested trade back to South Australia is complete. North Melbourne used the two AFL care packages to bring Griffin Logue and Darcy Tucker to the club. They went to Hunter Clark, but it would have resulted in them trading pick 2 or 3 as part of a pick trade, so they refused.


EARN second-round comp pick (#27): AVAILABLE Karl Amon as an unqualified free agent

GOT picks #33, 43 & 53 - DIO WEG pick #27

GOT Jason Horne-Francis, Junior Rioli, Future Collingwood Second y Future Third Fremantle – GAVE AWAY wählt 8, 43, 57, Future First, Future Second y Future Third

Summary:What movement! Port Adelaide gets a gem for the next decade as South Australian Jason Horne-Francis returns home from the West Coast along with exciting junior Rioli, sacrificing this year's and next year's draft in the process. It sure is a win move now. They were also interested in Geelong's Esava Ratugolea, but their business request was not supported.


GOT Tim Taranto – GAVE AWAY Picks Nr. 12 y nro. 19

GOT Jacob Hopper and mark 53 and 63 - GIFT mark 31 and Richmond future first

Summary:The Tigers paid for Tim Taranto and Jacob Hopper, but their draft capital is well spent given the impressive midfield the team will have in 2023. The Tigers' engine room has been weak at times this season, and the Tigers duo Giants fills that need head on.


GOT Zaine Cordy as an unrestricted free agent

GOT pick #32 – LEFT Ben Long and a future fourth-round pick

Summary:It's a quiet trading period for St Kilda after losing to Jordan De Goey. They brought in Zaine Cordy as an unrestricted free agent and earned a higher draft pick with the departure of Ben Long to the Gold Coast. The Saints won't do much more to keep their hand in the draft after several years of hard work around trade time.


HAVE Aaron Francis and score 42 - RENDER score 37 and his future fourth

Summary:It's been a very quiet trade period for the Swans and their only move was to land former top 10 player Aaron Francis on a deal with Essendon. They are never that busy during this period.


GOT Jayden Hunt as an unrestricted free agent

GOT selects 8, 12, future second and future third from Porto - GAVE AWAY Junior Rioli, selects 2 and 40

Summary:By participating in the mega-deal, the Eagles traded Pick 2 for two subsequent first-round picks, meaning they can more easily pick WA prospects in this year's draft, while Junior Rioli gets a future second-round pick. . They gave Jayden Hunt some much-needed pace on defense. Technically they were competing for Luke Jackson, but he always made it to Fremantle.


GOT Liam Jones as an unrestricted free agent

GOT Melbourne's Future Bedroom - DONATED to Josh Schache

GOT Melbourne's future third - GAVE AWAY Lachie Hunter

GOT No. 21 1st Round Future Pick, 2nd Round Future Pick, 4th Round Future Pick (gemeinsam mit Geelong) – DEU Josh Dunkley, 3rd Round Future Pick, 4th Round Future Pick (gemeinsam mit Geelong) Melbourne).

GOT Rory Lobb - GAVE AWAY Pick 30, Future Second Round Selection

Summary:The dogs will welcome Liam Jones for his second stay at the kennel, as well as Fremantle's Rory Lobb to strengthen their key positions at both ends of the site. But some experience was lost as they lost Zaine Cordy in free agency and also Lachie Hunter to Melbourne and most of all Josh Dunkley, even though they had been preparing for his departure for some time and got strong draft capital. around.

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